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Hey everyone,

Back with another DIY.

Not really liking the color of the stock tiburon trim paint and I'm going for an all black look. First off on the list, the gear shift circle dish area thingy.

Also I forgot to take pictures of disasembaly before I painted so yes the trim peice will change randomly.

Tools Needed:
Small flathead screwdriver
Needle nose plyers / ratchet bit
(Insert Color Here) Spraypaint
Artistic Ability (Jokes)

Step 1
Put your small flathead screwdriver under the lip of the big trim peice near the shifter

Step 2
Lift upwards and once the back is up pull towards you, also put the car in neutral for wiggle room.

Step 3
If you have seat heaters like me, make sure you disconnect the cable on either side

Step 3.1
The cables are just push clips you can push with your finger

Step 4
Next get the boot off. Put the screwdriver in between the button and the chrome piece and slightly push off it will pop off and most likely hit you in the face from the spring.

There are clips like this on either side

Step 5
Pull the spring, DO NOT LOSE THIS

Step 6
Pull the blue cap, ALSO DO NOT LOSE THIS

Step 7
Hard to see but there is a nut that has to be pulled out, I didnt have a bit long enough to get in there so I used a pair of needle nose plyers

Step 8
After the bolt is out the boot will pull off, now is a perfect time to replace / re-wrap the shift boot if it is damaged

Step 9
There are 4 clips holding the trim piece in, 3 are the same 1 is different

The first 3 look like this

The other one looks like this

Step 10
Pull up and its off!

My choice of paint is plasti-dip because of the matte black finish it gives, as well as I can paint over the PRND and + - logos and peel off the paint afterwards

Step 1
Prep your can in warm water for about 5 minutes before paint time, during this time clean the trim piece with soapy water

Step 2
First coat, do a light coat of paint, you do not need total coverage this is just to get the base coat on. Make sure you are moving get all angles.

Wait about 5 minutes, go have lunch or in my case... play mario kart

Step 3
Second coat, do a heavyer coat. Do not make the paint look too wet or else it will run and ruin the paint job however it should look moderatly covered. Again get all angles and move.

more mario kart...

Step 4
Final coat, it should look completely black at this point with no silver trim showing. Let it dry for at least 20 - 30 minutes before putting it back into the car so you don't ruin the paint. BE PATIENT.


Step 5
reverse the steps from above to put the trim piece back into place, and if you used plastidip like myself gently run a exactoblade around the edge of each of the PRND and + - buttons to get a clean removal of the paint. Then use your nail or a toothpick to remove the layer of paint from the buttons, it should peal right off.

Step 6
Repeat step 5 until they are all removed and your done!

dont mind the white specs on mine, just a little dust that I didn't think to rub off before taking a picture

Enjoy your freshly painted trim piece.

If you have any requests for future DIY's shoot me a PM!
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