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****Quoted from DroptopPaul on****

Ok, I have decided to put together a little bit of a bash "replacement" if you will. This is a whole new staff, new coordinators, new location new everything. I'd like to thank those who have helped in the past, I know I've had a blast at all the prior events.....BUT

Its time for a new event. We didn't have one last year, and I among MANY others are really itchin for another big bash. SO

This is what I have come up with so far:

100 Crall Rd
Mansfield, OH 44903
WHEN: JULY 27-28
WHY: Brand new facility opens this spring. This is going to be a concrete laser level track, which top notch equipment and staff. Slick guys, prepare to be spoiled, you will get multiple track treatments and get to go first

As far as a basic intinerary goes, the show will be on Friday at the speedway. We'll have the track to ourselves on saturday to race, with the awards presentation on sunday.

BY ALL MEANS SPREAD THIS TO ANY FORUM YOU CAN! I only ask that you let me know any boards to put it up on, and in doing so, please just copy/paste this post

Hotels, registration, class information will all be posted at a later date

There is a contest for the tshirt logos, T shirt logo contest Please give it a shot and see what you can come up with! I know we got some guys out there with talent!

We will be accepting vendor booths, anyone interested in setting up, can contact:

Wade Rich [email protected]
You may contact him by phone: (419) 544 3377

For any questions concerning the event, please contact me or Caleb

My Email
Caleb prefers phone calls, his number is (419) 564 0387

*** Hotel Information ***

Host Hotel:
Holiday Inn
1392 Enterprise Parkway
Ashland, OH 44805

419 281 2900

More expensive of the 2, but FAR greater parking. Parking shouldn't be cramped plus the hotel is fairly new and is going to be a nice stay for everyone. Has a pool, open till 11, can't have it open any later....I tried already It's a little pricey, but they're the only hotel that could hold the bulk of us.

Single Rooms are all same, be it king, double fulls or whatever, suites will be more, just call in to reserve those, I'm sure they'll help you on those as well.
$119/standard room, call in for suite pricing. They do have maybe a couple 2 room suites, separate sitting and sleeping rooms

Cancellations must be done min 1 week prior to event!!!!!

Secondary Hotel
Super 8 Motel
736 US Highway 250E
Ashland, OH 44805

419 281 0567

Just down the street from Holiday Inn, maybe 1/4 mile away if that. You can see one hotel from the other, so they're close. Denny's is DIRECTLY next door, and McD's is also next door, both open 24 hours Parking is a LOT thinner, maybe 1/4 of what Holiday Inn has to offer.

$72/night for all normal rooms
Suites are a tad more, maybe 20 bucks tops. Call in for pricing on those.

If we somehow fill those (oh how I wish for us to) there is a 3rd hotel option I can explore

*** Caravan Info ***
Link To Thread on JBO

Ok So for those of you who havent seen it yet...

I know, it is very early, however, last minute plans dont always work and I would like to get the word out.

Theres a few of us who turn 21 in July, so if anything, come to shower us with birthday gifts...

Anyways, The point of this post is to inform those who don't know and to help get the caravan together.

As of now, Sean(Boardorgohome) and I have been really looking into routes and what not.

If you are going and would like to go with us, please let us know.

If you need a ride, post up. If no one knows you need a ride then you prolly wont get one. As of now I only have one person riding with me, and 2 if borsty ever responds...I have room for at least 1 more and i could fit another if needed..

If its just PA/NY then here is the proposed Route...

This will be the main point we all have to drive through if coming from NY and above...or east of NY...We can meet before this, but this is the one point we all have to drive through...

We would them meet up with PA here....(this may change, this just happens to be the point that our routes meet up and will let everyone stay on track)

However, we would like to get more states coming with us as well...

So basically Let us know if your coming and where your coming from so that we can plan routes for you as well as move our meeting points if need be.


As Of now I know

Myself(Rosario) (Hornell, NY)
CRJ (Syracuse Area)
eazy716 + yo momma (Buffalo NY)
Brenden Griswold, Tom Sylvester (Roc, NY)
Nicholas Bautz + joe (buffalo, NY)

Myself(Sean) + 2 females (york)
Liquidfirecavy(Mike) (york)
Machzel08(Jew)(Bryan with a Y) (york)
JuggaloZeke (Coatesville)
QBE + Fiance (York)
Chris Warble(as himself)(York)
Ryan Shissler + his girl(also as himself)(Dornsife)
?Entrapped Fury (Spence)(Canton)
?19sunfire99(Scott)(Schuykill Haven)


Boo2point4sted (Brian with an I)(Stevensville)

Black Ops Ecotec(Andrew)(Norton)

?StreetAntixZ24 + 1(Casey)(Seacoast)

?JLAudioCavalier(Dustin)(Old Town)

Contact boardorgohome on JBO or at Sinister Images or on AIM @ snoboardorgohome for Caravan info
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