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It's great to be a part of Hyundai Tiburon owners forum!
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2006 Hyundai Tiburon SE
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My bad lol

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Guys,,,,this is a new vendor to this site which pays the site bills. Most of us know there is a dearth of "modding parts" for a Tib now.
See what they have that you can use, negatives will be handled by me more than likely.
Yes, I roamed around their site when I got a pre announcement.

Have a nice day....:)

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It's a little weird to see what looks like a truck orientated site offer tiburon parts, but I'm not complaining, lol. It's hard enough to get parts for these cars as it is so I'm happy to see a new vendor.
Looks like there's a fair bit of stuff on the site, I'm really surprised you can buy OEM wheels as I've never seen them offered new anywhere before. That would be a nice way to get a pristine set of FL/2 wheels.
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