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Having electrical issues

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I have a 2003 hyundai tiburon v6 5 speed. When my car warms up my headlights start to flicker a lot but doesn't have a huge change in brightness. Recently i was making sure my windows were all the way up and pulled both window switches up. My car almost shut off completely and all the lights, including the radio, did shut off. now every time I pull the switches when the windows are up all the lights dim an incredible amount and it sounds like its putting stress on the engine.

if anyone could help it would be greatly appreciated :crying:
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Stock headlights?

Sounds like a bad ground, 1st to check is from the engine to the firewall, it's off the back of the upper intake manifold.
Also check battery connections.

If you can, put a voltmeter on the battery with the engine running and watch voltage while someone else operates the window switches. Voltage should stay in the mid 14 volt range. Check again but between the battery + and a good ground on the chassis.

A charged decent battery should be 12.6volts+, ~13.5volts engine running at idle & ~14.4volts at high idle.
It could be as simple as the battery needing replaced. A friend of mine just bought a Tiburon and all electronics would shut down after a few minutes of driving. Also when putting the windows up, everything dimmed and the car did shut off once the windows reached the top (which took forever). We would jump the car and it would run fine and then slowly die again.
thank you guys for you help, unfortunately, i wont have to deal with the problems anymore due to getting slammed and some guy totaling my car :\
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