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I sold a set of custom engine mounts to this guy. I sent them insured USPS. They came up missing. USPS would not allow me to file an insurance claim due to not having sufficient proof of value (custom parts). I didn't really make much on them, just offering them more or less as a favor to the community.

I told him I was flat broke (I was in my final semester of school) but as soon as I could afford to, I would replace the mounts. We emailed back and forth several times. It ended up taking me several months to replace the parts, but I paid for everything out of pocket as promised. It took a really long time and I'm sure he was pissed.

Just before I shipped the parts, he told me he had moved and that they needed to go to a new address. I shipped the parts to the new address. He then filed a claim for refund, stating that he never got the parts, even though I could see that they had been delivered). The refund was granted. I asked him for the refund back, but he stopped answering my emails.

I went to paypal on it, and learned that it's a common scam to ask a seller to send an item to the wrong address. Even though they could verify delivery of the parts, and were provided copies of the emails he sent me, he still got his refund because the parts were never delivered to the address he had on file with PP. In the end, I was out $500 plus my time dealing with this mess. I got frustrated and gave up on the mounts and other things I had in the works altogether, deciding it just wasn't worth it.

I haven't been on in quite some time, but I see he's got a FS thread going right now and I figured I'd better speak up. Use extreme caution when dealing with this seller. And for those of you who wanted a set of mounts or control arms, but couldn't get them, you now know who to thank.
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