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Hello and Tuscani badge help/input please

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Hey everyone at!

Finally decided to create a user account on here instead of maintaining my "forum lurker" status. I have recently badged my 2008 Tib with Tuscani OEM badges. All except the "Tuscani" lettering. I have an I4 engine, so putting the 2.7 Elisa badge on it would be silly. My noob question for you guys is: If I want my Tib to be as KDM as possible, where should I put my "Tuscani" lettering badge on the rear? I have seen people put it above the "slight crease" of the trunk (mainly on the 03-06 models from what I've seen), and others put it below the crease around where the "Tiburon" badge used to be. I know that most of you may think this is silly and tell me to put it where I'm most comfortable, but I want it to go where the Korean models have them. I have tried Google image searches but they were all pretty mix-matched and mostly 03-06 models; not 08. I would appreciate anyone's input ASAP.

If there has already been an ancient thread about this, I sincerely apologize. Don't flame too much though, this IS the newbie forum.

TL;DR: Hesitant to put on my "Tuscani" lettering because I want to put it in the right (KDM - Korea) spot to make it legit as possible. Where is this? Right above the crease in the rear or right over where the "Tiburon" badge used to be after I took it off? - 2008 I4 Tiburon
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when i did mine i put the tuscani lettering right where the tiburon lettering was because thats where i saw most of the kdm ones from seoul and canada
As above. i think where the Tiburon badge was is the OE location.
Above the T badge is definately not the OE position
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