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My Momos clear coat is peeling and although I've only had them for a year, during which last winter they were stored away, they are no longer under warranty because the dealer sold me some old stock he had lying around for 5 years.

Anyhow, I've just winterized my Tib, pulled the rims for winter rims and tyres, removed most of the mods that were easy to remove, ECU (not recommended for winter driving and even though I don't plan on taking the Tib out from storage, you never know if I might need it), CAI, rims etc.

So I have the rims off the car and I can sent them to a paint shop. I've been quoted around 500$CDN for a good paintjob with warranty.

Of course, I'll not have them painted their original white, but I'm going with black or silver, probably black.

The question is how much should it cost to have them painted. I'd like the red MOMO writing to be kept red...

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