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I just installed the CM Stage 2/Fidanza FW combo and I find it hard to get it into first gear after startup, so I have to put it in second gear and then it goes easier into first. Is that normal or will it go away? Is that a part of breaking it in? Also, I find that I have to rev it to about 1200 rpm or a little more to get the clutch moving from a stop whereas with the OEM clutch i could get it out at 1000 rpm or less. Is that also normal? This my first aftermarket clutchflywheel upgrade that I ever bought, so I dont know how it is supposed to feel like?


Hey, i just upgraded to a CM Stage 4/Fidanza FW combo and i have to rev to about 1800 to get it to go, i was also told that was normal, so im guessing that reving to 1200 is probably normal. As for being hard to get in gear i dont think it should be mine shifts in and out of gears fine but i could be wrong.
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