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Just About Done w / Pics......

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Well, finally im almost done with the exterior of my ride. just got it back from the bodyshop about almost two weeks ago. the entire kit has been molded on to the vehicle, i shaved the wing and door entry holes. the emblems have been shaved, the washer nozzles front and back as well, and the rear wiper has been shaved. probably cant tell but the paint is a bright white with metalic pearl (very little pearl,didnt want it to blingy.) and thats pretty much it. the wheels will be going in about 6 months to a year becuz i do plan to flare it out (wide-body) and put some nice deep dish wheels on it. other than that im pretty much done with the exterior modding. hope some of yall like it...............

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Whattup Gangstaaaaaaaaaa. Nice ride man. im a fan of the fact that the wheel wells look filled... and thats the sexx.

really like the rear bumper
car looks really clean....nice!
looks great but Im not really feeling the wheels good job!!!!!!!
ya wheels are a lil to showy but i still think they flow well with ur car

god, tibs look sooo good spoilerless :3_nosthum
ur car ain't lowered is it? big are those rims?
nice but i would be lost w/ my washer nozzles
i think your car is sexy! long live WHITE TIBS!!!!!!
car looks great good idea not to mold the front bumper on back looks great.
A very complete look, looks very clean and simple too.

Overall, excellent work! :3_worship
car looks awesome man good job
Very nice car, I love white tiburons. It looks clean, I'm not keen on the rims, but the overall package is nice.
thats a pretty cool dubbed out tibby, i like the thing alot
Awesome looking Tib man!! Normaly i would say no to the wheels but they flow nice with the Tib!!
were you able to get that rear bumper parted out? i've always liked it.
seedweed23 said:
ur car ain't lowered is it? big are those rims?
Actually yeah it is. i got 2'' drop with tien springs sitting on 18's. the wheels tuck in perfect and no rubbage at all. but i do plan on going widebody with some nice deep dish wheels later on...........
bcware said:
were you able to get that rear bumper parted out? i've always liked it.
my bad, im not to bright what do you mean "parted out"
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