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for someone who is looking to break into the UK sales market.

In the UK the tiburon(or the coupe as its known here) has a huge following.But not many sellers of modified parts.Excluding the obvious big boys who sell internationally the only 2 UK based dedicated coupe modification sellers are performance coupe and

Would you be looking to sell your products in the UK?
In that case i can help YOU(im always willing to help anyway-if you need help-ask)
Iv got a good website
thats well known all over the world.
Im well known including in the States,Canada,Europe and Australia.
I have access to a good many forums including here,UKHCC,UKHCF,HHOP,Hyundai,and loads more.
We are famous for making one off's and everyone knows us for headrest embroidery.......

AND OF COURSE WE HAVE - THE CAR................................

the only sponsors at the minute are,obviously) we also advertise for trimmtech(us,again) and a few minor firms.However there is still plenty of advertising space on the coupe.
Im not looking for silly big money put down or anything else....if fact im just interested to know what you can interest is improving my business and yours whilst getting good deals for forum members................
My car is the UKHCC car of the year(2000 members)where im a moderator with my own section
Im also mini-sponsor of the year here,along with having the product of the year.
If your interested in sponsoring the dupe coupe for advertising or want a chat you can pm me here or email me at [email protected].
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