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May 2007 COTM: Conservative

My name is Nick Smith but most people know me as Delta. Im also President of team TNT (Tiburon N Tuscani). Back in 2003 a guy from school gave me a ride in a Tiburon and I fell in love. It was a beautiful car but was always out of my price range. I also saw these weird badges every now and then and I couldn’t figure out what they were. I later learned they were not some exotic car but it was a Tuscani.

In September of 04 I wrecked my 93 Dodge Dakota which I had just put over 6G’s in to repair and make better then new. In my search for a new car I drove past a dealership and saw an Orange Crush 06 Tiburon SE! It was so beautiful on the corner of the lot. I pulled in with my friend and went straight to it. The sales person didn’t even ask first he just brought out the keys for a test drive. I jumped in and was ready to roll. I pulled out the lot and realized I was doing 70 in a 35 with in the first few minutes. Opps… Anyways I got back to the lot and that’s when I noticed the sticker… $22,XXX. My bank only approved me up to $10K. So at that time it wasn’t meant to be.

I got a big ******* truck for $9K and was happy for a while. Almost a year later I got tired of the truck. I had to fix it too many times and I was spending more to repair it then I was paying each month for it. I had started surfing these boards around July on 06. Every time I saw a Tib I regretted not getting the Orange one. The last time it went in the shop I decided I had had enough. I was trading it in. I was going to get me some thing new and some thing I wouldn’t have to spend money on to fix. I called 3 dealerships and 2 had an Orange one! I went to the one where I first saw her… there she was again on the corner.

I walked in and told the sales man “I want the orange one”. Little did I know they had a SRT4 in orange on the lot too. He went to the back and came out with a set of keys. Dodge Keys. I was like “What’s this?” he said that they were for the Orange SRT. And I quickly corrected him saying “I am in no way driving a skittle.” He looked out the window and remembered they had just gotten the Orange Tib the day before. We started on the paper work at 5pm. Around 7pm the Manager came over and said that I couldn’t afford the SE because I didn’t have much credit. He asked me why I had to have that one. I told him because the color is what I have always wanted and I wanted the 6 speed. In the end at 10 pm I had signed the paper. Since that day I have loved my car since. The next day I put over 500 miles on her just driving around DC and the surrounding areas.

My car has had a few problems along the way though. On a drive down some twisties after a Maryland meet I lost traction and put my car in the ditch. After being in the shop for 2 months I get her back and drive to GA where I swerve to miss a cat (since I just got the car back I didn’t want to get cat all over it) and I hit a curve messing up my right front side. Since then though (January 07), everything has been fixed and runs great. The car is coming along and you can’t even tell there were any accidents. I have won 2 shows since. My first show I won second in the Import Other Class out of 3 Tibs and my second win came at HIN DC for First place Import other Mild where I had no competition (unfortunately nobody wanted to help represent the Tibs).

So now that I wasted a lot of your time. I will say Thanks to Team TNT for their support and help with my car. Thanks to all the members of the You have helped me learn a lot and I have also gotten a lot of parts form a lot of members. Thanks to the Marine Corps for funding this rediculosly bad habit. And Last of all thankd to God for letting me survive all that I have done and for letting me do so much with what he has given me.

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Mussa Exhaust
Mussa Front and rear Strut Bars
Ark Rear Sway Bar
Espelir Springs
Kyowa Racing Wheels
Bass Tib Short Throw Shifter
Painted Cold Air Intake


Color Storm under car LEDs
35% tint sides
20% tint back
Tinted Tail lights
Painted Headlights
Painted Fog Lights
Painted Intake Manifold
Painted Value Cover
Painted Engine Plastic
Vis “Cyber” Carbon Fiber Hood
Two 12’ Eclipse Subwoofers
Sony Xplod 1000w Amp
Custom Tuscani Subwoofer Box
Tuscani Third Brake light Cover
S2000 Short Antenna
FLA USMC Vanity License plate “D3LTA”

Future Plans:

Zefiro GT Kit
Custom Paint
NGM built Long Race Block
Ripp SDS Stage 2
Amp FF Club wheels
BFG G-force tires
Custom Fiberglass Subwoofer Setup

That is all now... GO ahead and carry on about your day... thanks for coming...


Congrats Delta119!!!

And once again from our awesome site sponser Turbo Wax, I? will receive:

1) 4oz Turbo Wax Paint Protection
1) 4oz Turbo Wax Pre Wax Cleanser
1) 4oz Turbo Wax Tire Gel
1) 4oz Turbo Wax 3 Amigos
1) 4oz Turbo Wax Last Minute Detailer
1) 4oz Turbo Wax Car Shampoo
1) Applicator

Disclaimer : Article was written and editted by Delta119. Any thing that makes your eyes bleed is not the responsibility of and its affiliates.

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Disclaimer : Article was written and editted by Delta119. Any thing that makes your eyes bleed is not the responsibility of and its affiliates.
Haha thats the first time i have seen this diclaimer! thats funny! :3_bier:

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Re: May 07 "Conservative" COTM: Delta119

Nice car man congrats!.......................

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I saw his Tib last weekend and it is an awesome ride. Congrats
Yeah the color really sines in person!

Nice car man real clean I like it alot. Wish i coulda gottin the orange
Main reason i got this one

tib looks real clean, love it!
Thanks Bro
Congrats man!!! Sweet Tib!:3_bier:
OOO beer!
congrats dude, cars lookin sweet
Im Glad everyone thinks it still looks clean sith the stickers on it. Most ppl hate on me for them but i think they are pretty good place ment for accent peices...(now i just need My Orange CF trim peices In the mail from Staw)
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