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Group Buy Forum Guidelines

Types of group buys permitted:

  1. Group buys with low or little profit.
  2. Specialty items created to benefit the community.

To hold a Group Buy:

  1. Must be a VIP member in order to put on a GB
  2. No more than 1 simultaneous GB by any one member ( unless approved by Administration )
  3. 1 item per GB, unless items go together ie: headers & exhaust ( unless approved by Administration )
  4. No more than 3 similar group buys on the forum at the same item ( ie: no 5 GB's on exhaust ) ( unless approved )
  5. Name brand products ( ie: AEM / INJEN ) MUST be approved by Administration
  6. Limit # of units per GB ( except for 1 off items, unless approved by Administration )
  7. Set a time limit for each GB to complete ( Must become a Mini-Sponsor to have continuous/ongoing buys )
  8. Businesses ( non site sponsor ) are allowed 1 ongoing GB ( hosted by a VIP member ) in the member GB section at a time.
What isn't allowed is a product in direct competition to a product a site sponsor sells! ( unless approved by Administration ). This means if a sponsor sells an AEM cold air intake, you can not have a GB selling this product. You are however allowed to sell another brand's cold air intake.

Anyone wishing to run a GB, must now submit a PM to Rushr with the following information BEFORE ANY GB may be hosted by you:

  • Full name
  • Home address
  • Home phone
  • Cell phone ( or alternate means of contact )
  • Place of employment
  • Phone # for said job
  • Business you are receiving your GB items from ( if not manufactured by you )
  • Said business contact information ( person, phone # )

You will only need to submit the personal information to us once ( unless something changes from your last GB ( ie: new phone # or address ). You WILL need to submit the GB info every time. None of this information will be posted on the boards unless something drastic happens ( ie: the Lethal hood fiasco ), but will be kept on record in the moderators forum for our reference.

Please make sure the info you submit is accurate. IT WILL BE VERIFIED!!!!!!!

Once a GB has been completed, it will be locked & visible for 30 days. After that time, it will be viewable to the Mods / Admin only. This will be done to keep the forum clean & uncluttered. The info will still be on the server & will not be deleted unless necessary.

Our community is savvy! By and large we don't have problems...but we have added these rules in this forum to explain proper etiquette when buying, selling or trading items.

(Please note these additional rules are supplemental to our regular rules.)

Thank you for your continued support,

The Moderators/Administrators
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