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2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 2.0L
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Hello Tiburon community
Im rebuilding my 2.0L engine needing complete cylinder head & cams.

My question is that the engine has about 178K miles on it and im worried about doing all this work on the engine and not touching the transmission. Its a Mitsubishi F4A41 automatic transmission.

So far I don't have any issues with tranny but my question is should I dive in and do a basic rebuild kit, clean & change tranny filter etc? Ive rebuilt standard transmissions before but not automatic I watched a few U-Tube videos (so I guess Im a pro :) just kidding its a different animal I recognize.

My question is do I just leave it alone? Torque converter? and wait and see after engine rebuild or do a rebuild?

I do not have any tranny specific tools so I know these would be an investment for them

your thoughts
also any links for tranny master rebuild kits for the F4A41?

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