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EWWWW What type of good....? Good Sound? Good price?

Sony Sucks overall
Pioneer (Future Shop) quality suck

Really Sorry to say anything Future Shop made for Cars Sucks. It is all the bottom of the line from that manufacture. (That is why it is normal the cheapest)

And if ur using Subs i Suguest to keep them in Good workin order to Get....

Alpine med-high end
Clarion (Pro-audio) ONLY
KenWood (High-end) ONLY
Pioneer (High-end) ONLY

These All have filters that will filter most the Crap outta ur speakers........ Since most Crap outta a Sub will cause the VC (Voice-Coil) to pick it up and Distort it and casue the Sub to blow

But if u want for jsut speaker and normal Listen the Lower end is fine.
Also in Good high end Subs i Suggest Not to use burned or MP3 Format on them either May casue them to blow Depend on Quality of the Song/MP3 File

Hope this help u out in ur Future Deck!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts