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I thought I鈥檇 share my build, I鈥檝e been working on it for about 6 months now. A lot of that time spent is waiting on parts to arrive.

I picked the car up for $1250 off an old man.
Grandpa Spec 馃槀 it even smelt like old man to.

I would have like to picked up an I4 but they鈥檙e quite rare over here in Aus, we only got them in 2003. Plenty of V6鈥檚 though.
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Time for the exhaust.
I already had some headers to start with so I fitted them and bought a Magnaflow high flow cat 200 cel, 18鈥 resonator and Vibrant 1146
muffler. It鈥檚 a 2.5鈥 full system. Not a cheap exhaust by the end of it $1500 aud

It was 90db on idle and about 95db at 4000rpm. Quite loud but when I fitted the turbo and manifold it went down to 80db on idle.
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Interior is pretty basic.
Seat covers, steering wheel, gear knob, new dash mat, 7鈥 screen and started fitting my boost and wideband gauges
Not a fan of the steering wheel, I have another on the way.
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Although the car has low kms on the clock, the previous owner didn鈥檛 do enough oil changes.
There was heeeeaps of caked up oil in the head and in the sump. The oil pick up was quite caked to. I spent 2 hours with a flat head screwdriver and shop vac digging out the crud in the head. I replaced the lifters as they would have been blocked for sure. The lifters were ticking like a time bomb.
I took the oil pick up off and cleaned that and obviously cleaned the sump out and fitted my oil return for the turbo bung.
Also did the timing belt while at it.
Also replaced the cam chain and drive belts, it runs super smooth now.
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Fuel pump and fuel pressure reg was next.
I took the back seat out and removed the fuel pump assembly. I installed a Walbro 255 and Aeroflow fuel pressure reg. I adapted it straight to the end of the rail with a rail adapter for an Evo. I just got the appropriate 6an orb fittings.
The fuel pump was pretty straight forward except the walbro is fatter and the plastic surround isn鈥檛 big enough. I just used some wire to secure it.
I set the Reg to about 44psi which I believe is stock
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Getting onto the good stuff now.
Kinugawa TD05H-16g turbo
MMI turbo manifold
Tial 38mm wastegate with 5psi spring
Same side intercooler, i couldnt find the next size up at a reasonable price that would fit. I didn鈥檛 need to trim the front bumper at all with this one.
I had to remove some metal to run the intercooler pipes through and ran some rubber strips around the cuts so the pipes don鈥檛 rub on metal and wear through.
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I used a universal 2.5鈥 piping kit and small battery (Full River HC20) this allowed me to not relocate the battery to the boot / trunk. It still starts the car fine and use the original power and ground battery terminals. Time will tell how it holds up. I made up a little battery tray out of aluminium and got a tie down to suit, it鈥檚 quite snug.
The pod filter will take the batteries original position.
The intake is a 3鈥 Z / S pipe from Ali Express, worked perfectly 馃憣 to put the filter right where I wanted it. The filter is a big ProFlow 190mm long. Bit bigger than the average pod filter.
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The dump pipe is a custom 3鈥 made from the exhaust shop. He charged me $400 but he did a pretty good job, It fits well. He used an 3鈥 exhaust donut to clear the alternator as it鈥檚 a tight bend. It also recirculates the wastegate back into the exhaust as its highly illegal here in Aus and a big fine $$$ if u get caught venting exhaust gas to atmosphere not via a cat converter.
I painted it and wrapped it
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Earlier on I replaced the stock clutch to a Exedy HD stage 1. It鈥檚 slightly heavier on the pedal and definitely grabs harder than stock. Hopefully it鈥檒l hold about 200-230hp or so (10psi) I鈥檓 not shooting for big power.
I kept the stock flywheel and got it resurfaced and broke the clutch in properly to give it the best chance off not slipping.
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Wow that's some good work there. I used to have one of those Elantras (99 too actually) and it was not bad stock for what it was. I'm sure it'll be fun once that turbo spools up.
Thanks, yeah they鈥檙e not a bad little car. I had a different one when I was a bit younger. I drove it all over the place and never missed a beat. Having double the hp should make it fun like u said
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My 07 Tib has the same evo setup with the exception of it being a automatic鈥 so i have a transmission oil cooler and also a oil cooler with a thermostatic sandwich plate from mishimoto 鈥 You going stand-alone or piggy back ?
I鈥檒l be using a Haltech Elite 750 and WB1. The AEM wideband will have to go.
I won鈥檛 be installing it myself, I鈥檒l get the shop to do it. They can supply, install and dyno it all. I鈥檓 not sure if they鈥檒l go full stand alone or run the haltech along side the stock ecu.
I鈥檒l leave that up to them.

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Awesome content keep us updated i can't wait to see more . I hope that sludge in the oil didn't hurt the bottom end , because these bottom ends can make good power stock long block. What is your power goals?
Thanks man will do. It鈥檚 not far from finished.
As for power, 250whp would be nice but we鈥檒l see where 10-12psi pulls it up, I think Aussie Dyno鈥檚 read a bit lower than ur dyno鈥檚 ( so I鈥檝e read anyway) I want to keep it safe as I really don鈥檛 feel like pulling the engine incase it blows up or lifts the head or the clutch starts slipping.

The sludge has been a real pita. When I took the cams out and replaced the lifters I couldn鈥檛 get the timing right, took me a few goes which was frustrating.
Some of the sludge i dislodged from the head made its way to the sump. I clocked up about 100kms after I got it back together and had to take the sump off again as it was leaking and there was a heap of sludge sitting in the bottom of the pan. But that gave me the chance to clean it out again. I鈥檝e been worried about it blocking my oil feed but I think I鈥檝e gotten the worse of it.

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The MagnaFlow High Flow Cat 200 cell.. What鈥檚 the Part Number? Did You Buy it off the actual magnaflow site .. Reason I ask because there are to many fakes
I got it from eBay, hope it鈥檚 not a fake.
The part number is in the description


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Just installed a catch can and vacuum block while waiting to get my intercooler pipes back from the fabricator. He鈥檚 welding on some barb fittings, bov and IACV

For the catch can I tee鈥檇 the pcv and and valve cover breather together and they鈥檒l run into the input port on the catch can. The output will run down to the turbo intake so it鈥檒l be always sucking air out of the valve cover (hopefully I鈥檝e got that right)

Rather than having several tee鈥檚 in the vacuum lines I decided to go with a vacuum block. The source for the vacuum block is the main vacuum port on the intake manifold.
This will feed out to the bov, boost gauge and Haltech internal map sensor when I get that installed. I鈥檒l just plug it for now.
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I got all my intercooler pipes back from the fabricator today. I put it all back together and took it for it鈥檚 first little rip. Surprisingly it feels quite quick and responsive even on low boost about 5 psi. I did see it hit 8psi for a second there. There鈥檚 very little turbo lag. 3000rpm and it鈥檚 spooling.
The stock ecu was getting a workout trying to keep the AFR鈥檚 within reason. It kept them around 11.5-12.5 on boost. I never gave it 100% throttle tho, maybe about 60-70%.

I also installed a manual boost controller for when it鈥檚 time to turn it up a bit.

Now I鈥檝e just got to get some injectors and book it in for a haltech ecu and tune. I鈥檓 thinking I鈥檒l go with some Bosch 650cc injectors and aim for 10-12psi.

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Bit of an update.
I broke / damaged the transmission after doing some pulls and may have launched it a bit too hard. Rather than trying to fix it I picked up a low mileage 2006 Elantra Beta 2 trans. They claim it only has 50,000kms and hopefully it鈥檚 stronger. I gave it a bath with some degreaser and pressure wash.

It took me about an hour to drop the trans out and about 5 hours to install the new trans. Had some issues getting the splines lined up and had to swap over mounts. My brother helped me lift it and get it into place. I don鈥檛 know how some ppl do it by themselves.

The trans are pretty much identical, I was told I had to get a Beta 2 TOB but mine fit fine. I checked with Hyundai, they are the same part number.
I pulled the TOB off my pressure plate just with a flat head screwdriver. It took about 10 mins just to push the clip down and pop the bearing out. Also re-cleaned the flywheel and pressure plate.

Hopefully I have better luck this time round.

(beta 2 trans on the left)
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