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On 12/21/2005 I drove 400 miles to go visit my family for xmas. Below is a pic of my engine (not a good one)

Mainly if you look at it.... the only REAL aftermarket items are the intake and the catch cans. The rest are still stock hyundai pieces, just prettied up.

So, about mile 380 I threw a P0171. Only that one. While home I was sick but still managed to take off both my upper and lower IM and reseat them. I propane checked, brake cleaner checked, and for giggles even CO2 checked every gasket to see if I could get the car to studder. Nothing. I took off my TB, I took off my intake, I checked all vacuum lines, I did EVERYTHING I could. I didn't want to drive 400 miles w/ a cel. Once I cleared it and drove 5 mins it would show up again. I was cel free for 9 months with this setup and for it to come back on in 5 mins was pretty shocking on a 45 degree day.

So, I gave up and went to Colonial Hyundai of Downingtown PA. I bought my car from them. I know their techs and used to like them. They are always nice to me.

Well, some young new mechanic pulls my car in, pops the hood, two more techs go over and stand in front of my engine. A 4th goes over. They all stare.... then close the hood. They clear the cel and supposedly check the oscillation of the O2s. Then they pull my car out and tell me there is nothing they can do. I told them I do not care how much it costs and I do not expect it to be a warranty issue obviously. They were uninterested. At this point they just refused a paying customer. I started trouble shooting things. I said well what if I replace the primary bank 1 o2. And the response I get is "we are not just about to go throw parts at it." So I buy a PCV line for giggles and reset my ECU and walk out. I made it perfectly clear I had a 400 mile drive to go and needed help. No one cared.

I went home and proceeded to call their service manager to express my disatisfaction. I started out the conversation saying "everyone starts out with the negative so I will start out with the positive." I praised his techs saying they were always nice to me and always helped me out, but, this time was different. I even told hiim I specifically wait to come to their dealership for maintenance from Ohio b/c I trust them more. Huh, well, after talking to him, not anymore. I told him that I was disatisfied with the level of service I received. He said that he stands behind his techs. I said that they could have done more such as follow the standard webtech information and perform standard diagnostics as I had stated that I would have paid for it all and did not expect warranty work. He didn't say much so I asked him "what would you do if you were in my situation?" he said "that is not a fair question to ask me." I said why. He said "because i would not have modified my car and voided my warrant." This got me mad so I said "voided my warrant? are you kidding me. they are stock parts prettied up. the only thing aftermarket is a carb certified in 50 states intake." and then he goes "well you have an aftermarket computer in your car too. my techs couldnt read your computer." now this REALLY made me made. He generalized me thinking I am some dumb punk. I said "I will come down there right now, drop my glove box, take out my ecu, and put it in your hand. I DO NOT have an aftermarket computer and your techs supposedly read mine so one of you are lieing." He just goes "well i do not know what to tell you we can not help." This was one of the reasons why I decided to sell my car.

O, btw.... Hyundai sends out surveys and I received one a few days ago on how happy I was. I RAPED this service manager. I said I will never own a Hyundai again because of my experience with the service manager. Today I also called Hyundai corporate and filed a second complaint. I talked to a nice young 25yr old girl named Season whose boyfriend had a modified mustang. We spoke of how the dealer was in violation of a federal law. Magnusson-Moss. She agreed with me that they can not just say that I voided my warranty. She said that is not how it works. If the mod breaks a part it is not under warranty. So you have it right there from Hyundai themselves.... corporate is a fan of the magnusson-moss act and its rules.

My dealer in Ohio did 2 hours of diagnostic checks as describe by webtech. Charged me for 1 hour. Swapped my maf and didn't charge me. They were amazing.

Cliff notes.....

-Went to Colonial Hyundai in Downingtown PA
-Said I would pay as I knew it wasnt warranty work
-Refused service for mild modifications
-Sent out for a 400 mile drive w/ a check engine light
-Service manager was an ***
-Service manager accused me of having an aftermarket computer (which i dont and besides the fact you cant tell unless you drop the glove box)
-I raped them on the survey Hyundai sent me
-I filed a complaint with Hyundai corporate

When I was on the phone with Hyundai I made perfectly clear that I am a part of this board, a part of another board, and worked with Curt in the past to organize S3. I told them I am selling my car because of this experience (it was the final nail in the coffin) and will never buy another Hyundai. I REALLY hope they do something to this dealer. I hear from people who work at dealerships that Hyundai really leans on them when people file complaints. The very frist think Season said to me was she was shocked that a paying customer was turned away.

I just wanted to share my horror story with everyone so they know to stay away from this dealer and know that this problem still exists out there. I can't believe a paying customer was refused.

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i hope corporate butt rapes them bro, i cant belive they pulled that crap, and its not like your crap is ghetto modded- its clean as hell, and awesome

that service manager is a dick, tankfully ive never had a bad situation with a serice manager, the service manager here loves my car, he hasnt seen the turbo yet though hahhahahahhehehe

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filling out that survey like you did may have taken $500-$1000 out of the service manager and the techs pockets. they get a bonus on the customer satisfaction index. It is based on that survey. most people don't fill out the survey if they have good service, but if it was bad hyundai will know. one very bad survey can drop the scores enough to loose there bonus. (in this instance you did the best thing you can do)

what I hate is that the survey asks questions like (was the dealership in a convenient location?)
so if the customer had to drive a long way they will score you low on that question and I don't think it is fair that I should suffer because of where the customer lives or works. there are several others like this but I can't remember them.

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no clue. i have the stock manifolds back on and i threw another P0171 today. so, now i have to put the stock air box back on this weekend. and i will probably do the front valve cover too. the rear will happen some day. i am too lazy right now.

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This is one of the reasons I'm considering selling my Tib and getting out of modding cars altogether. One of the main reasons that I have been hesitant to heavily mod my Tib is that I might find less and less dealerships willing to help me out in case of an emergency problem. As it stands right now, Key Hyundai treats me quite well. I bought my car from them so they should. However, that might change should I follow temptation and supercharge the Tib.

Now, Orange Park Hyundai is a whole other story. After their idiot service manager tried to tell me that my simple SRI automatically voided my warranty, I informed him that's the exact reason I'd NEVER go back to his dealership for even so much as an oil change.

This is the drawback of having a modded car still under warranty. You risk a lot in modding it.....especially if you're not made of money and/or still making payments on the car.

I see a late Eighties Mustang in my future should I get the car modding bug again. As for now, I'll stick with owning a truck and modding my dirtbike. No warranty issues there on 2-strokes.
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