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I noticed my car smelled like fuel, but didnt think much because i had just filled up. Well the next day i still noticed it and i was getting really bad gas mileage, so i checked and i had fuel leaking under my car. Im not sure what the thing is, but its at the back of the gas tank, its a white plastic piece with two lines, running into it. I figured out that the bolt loosened up and let it rest on a piece of the suspension so it rubbed a little hole into the bottom of it and started letting fuel come out. This was the New Years Eve weekend, so i was SOL for getting it fixed, and I had a 700 some mile trip that I had to make New Years day, so me and my dad put some appoxy on there to stop it from leaking. Im posting a picture of it, the yellow arrow is the part thats leaking, and the red arrow is what it was rubbing on, like i said its the back part of the tank towards the rear of the car. Any help would be appreciated.
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