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So, I've been working on fitting an 18x10 +25 with a 235/45r18 on the rear for a while. In order to fit the wheel, I need camber, which is fine because im literally stancing my car. Anyways, for camber, I had to use a 20mm spacer to avoid hitting the strut which obviously caused more poking issues. So, I've basically done all that i can for camber (that I know of, for this car) at this point and still need just slightly more clearence.

So far I've done the following
  • slotted the strut housing as far as it goes
  • slotted the upper hole on the coilover
  • maxed out camber bolt in lower hole
I'm running a good 6° of camber at this point and my wheels almost fit. I've pulled the fenders as much as I can using a book because I have no access to a fender roller atm (for obvious reasons regarding a world wide pandemic). My fenders are rolled and I don't need much more camber at all.

Are there any other options you guys can think of for more camber? Or on how to flare the fender out slightly? I just need a few more millimeters of clearence and I can get the fitment i'm looking for.

The above image is to show u the slight amount of clearence I still need. Again, this is for the rear. I'm open to all options, especially diy options.
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