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ok, i have a few questions and as much help as possible would be greatly appreciated. it would really help me out of anyone could post pics of converting their stock 05+ tails to the clear lenses. mostly pics of of the light with the stock lens off and the finished product. sorry if i re-posted but i couldn't find any pics on the newer tails. i would like to do the clear lens conversion and paint my tails white as well as paint the headlights white. pics of both headlights and taillights in white would be awesome. also, what color best matches my white 2006 gt limited other than going to a body shop and getting it ? thanks for looking! i appreciate it!

also, does anyone still have problems with the clear lenses not fitting properly on the tails ? or are the lenses always gonna be oversized ?

thanks again.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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