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Need some help from someone that has good reviews and won't screw me over. I'm looking at ordering battery cells for my rc truck from all-battery, but don't wanna pay the stupid customs fees. I need a middle man. Someone I can ship the stuff to, and have them re-ship it to me with a $15 value on the box.

Obviously I'd like someone with some positive feedback on here so they don't screw me over. You can check me out if you like, I sold antennas for a while, with oodles of positive comments.

How is it cheaper for me you ask.....

well, I can get it shipped to you for free. the cost they charge to ship it direct is much higher than what you would have to pay. plus with you marking it at $15 value, I don't get raped for about $50 in customs and taxes. All expenses will be paid by me. I'll throw you a little extra for the trouble. I have a shipping address in the states, but I'm not planning on making a trip until April. So driving down now would cost the same in the long run.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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