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FS: Angel Eyes! RGB MULTICOLOR! Cool Mod!

RGB Multi-Color / SMD-Ring Angel Eyes

Our newest product, RGB MULTICOLOR angel eyes come with a controller in order to pick the color or effect you want. The controller has static memory, so you can leave them on white for every time you start your car and drive around, then get out and change up the color! Guaranteed to impress your friends :) They also come with a custom wiring harness, for plug-and-play wiring, and a standard RGB controller unit with remote. We also offer an upgraded radio-frequency remote for easier use!

SMD Ring Angel Eyes are rings that border the circle of your headlights. They can be found on BMW's and are a nice modification for any vehicle. The angel eyes from Diode Dynamics are the highest quality and brightness available. Look around, you will not find better angel eyes anywhere for these great prices! SMD Ring angel eyes are basically a ring of forward-firing LEDs to create a circle effect inside your light.

Kit includes:
  • Four (4) SMD Rings
  • Wiring and connectors, based on your selection
  • One year full warranty
We use custom-manufactured SMD rings through our top LED manufacturer. They are highly durable, with a black backing color. The LEDs go all the way around the ring for no "break" in the light as with other angel eye designs. The kit is wired up for you as much as possible. It is a plug-and-play installation using quick disconnects. You will not have to do any soldering, wire stripping, crimping or anything; it has all been done for you. Installation instructions for SMD Rings can be found in many threads and videos on this forum.

The Angel Eyes will turn on with your parking lights, just like they were installed as OEM from the factory. White is recommended, for the illegality of other colors. Taps into your parking light signal in the headlight. Comes with rings, connectors, and plug-and-play wiring.

Switch Add-on: A mini toggle switch will be included along with all wiring needed to install the switch in your cabin. The angel eyes can be powered by your battery, so any time the switch is on your angel eyes will be on. This is recommended for illegal colors such as blue and red.

We also offer diffusing covers for these rings. The diffusing covers snap on the ring of the rings to give them a solid-ring appearance.

If you have any questions, feel free to post or shoot us a PM. All of our products come with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and a 1-year full warranty.


Any questions, feel free to ask via email ([email protected]), or shoot us a PM!

Nick C.


are these still available? i know it’s almost 8 years later but..just a question
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