FOR SALE: NEW Hyundai Tiburon 2003-2008 2.7L V6 ALUMINUM IAC Idle Air Control RESTRICTION Gasket Plates

Custom Made - BRAND NEW - Polished - Limited 100 Production

What does a Restriction Plate do?

  • Faster Acceleration From Low RPM Speeds
  • Eliminates Engine Revolution Hang
  • Creates A More Steady Idle
  • Quicker Throttle Response
  • Better Quality Shifts
Aimed for enthusiasts! Unlike plastic or home made restriction plates, these aluminum plates will be very durable. Guaranteed to not Break/Bend/Warp/Melt under long term operating conditions. Instead of using the IAC sensor valve to regulate your idle speed (the IAC fluctuates causing the ECU to tune for it) this plate holds the valve wide open. The ECU will tune itself consistently, which is a significant improvement against adjusting.

More vacuum is built up in the intake manifold which improves throttle response. It also provides a more steady idle. The RPM drops quicker so the transmission doesn't have to wait, resulting in faster and harder shifts when at full throttle. This still keeps a smooth shift while driving normally. On top of all the functional stuff, it gives an awesome intake noise because the unit pulls more air in at a higher velocity from idle.

It is Recommended that you ALSO purchase a SET of (2) OEM Paper Gaskets.
This creates a guaranteed total vacuum seal between the IAC Sensor and Throttle Body. One paper gasket will be placed on either side of the Restriction Plate. I can not promise my restriction plate will preform optimally without these gaskets. This is the optional Gasket SET shown.

Local pick up price starting at ONLY $10 dollars! Current locations 32703 and 33325 - Shipping Available WORLDWIDE!

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