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New K9-Eclipse RFID Alarm

Walk back to your car. It's disarmed and unlocked when you get there!

Uses RFID technology to sense when you are leaving or coming to the car! Comes with TWO 2-Way remotes w/ up to 2000ft range.

Can be used to control up to 3 vehicles! One remote for all your cars! :3_winkthu

You can add remote start to the alarm. Unlike the 1810 that I'm selling this remote start is only usable on Automatic transmissions. Remote start is an add-on module for this unit.

Has the ability to pop trunk as well.

Will monitor all entries into vehicle (doors/hood/trunk) as well as monitoring for shock.

Alarm is capable of controlling window modules (window modules can control sunroof as well)

Sales sheet pasted below.

Price is $110 shipped - Paypal ID [email protected]
I'll include your wiring diagram in box!
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