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With the intent of making the for sale section a little more member-friendly, I am adding this thread. If any member has issues with another member not sending purchased items, or anything along those lines, please use this thread to let me know. Please only post in this thread if you have given the seller ample time to get your product to you, and only if the seller IS NOT working with you to resolve the situation.

Please follow these steps:

1. Post a link to the "For Sale" thread that you are having issues with here, as well as a brief description. DO NOT go into full details in this thread. Something as simple as "item still not received after 1 month" will suffice.

2. PM me directly, with full details of the situation.

3. DO NOT start threads about the member in question, or post snide remarks in their for sale threads. I will take care of what I can on my end in those regards.

DISCLAIMER: In no way am I assuring members that they will get their money back, receive their product, or find complete resolve in all situations. I am simply offering my help in doing what I can as a Moderator on the site. The primary purpose of me doing this is so I might be able to prevent other member's from sending money to a potentially fraudulant seller.

All sales and purchases are at the risk of the individuals involved. Please be certain that you make safe and intelligent payment arrangements. is not responsible/liable for any sales that go uncompensated. We are also not responsible/liable for any item advertised for sale in this area, or the integrity of that product's representation.
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