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NT 2007 Wild Car Of The Year

Hey guys, first of all i want to say THX to all who gave me their vote,
so i am the first EU COTY wwooww, i feel damnnnn proud :D
As often mentioned my car wouldn´t be where it is now without this great comm.
and due to the fact that everyone can read my cars story at my prev. COTM Thread
i decided to give u a small idea of what happened since then and will come in future :)

So yeah, as many pictures show my supra skirts turned out pretty nice imo ;)
The last year ran out pretty fine and after l looong wintersleep my car was finally again back on the road.
Lucky me 2 days before the first car show a drunken guy decided to key my whole car :(
Long story in short, since he had no money i had to pay on my own for a whole new paintjob and we also
customized my hood to give it the zefiro look and 100% fitment :) We also took the LSD Doors off
since the began to rust and i dont want anything to look crappy on my car back to stock :)

Oh yeah and of course on of the biggest changes this year was going
F/I with an Alpine S/C Kit, after a hell a looong waiting time it arrived and i got it installed...
but the piggyback didnt work right and i never got that worked out with alpine so i gave up and decided to
get help in my lands. After long reasearch i found a dealer that changed my electronics and did some fine tuning
on the kit aswell so it finally works :)

Now for the end a lil prevew of what to come next (nah it will never end, lol)
My Trunk gets completly redesigned as we speek, some snaps are in my Member Profile
and i want to change my engine set up completly but that will happen next winter i guess, still absolutely NOT sure of what to come :)

regards phiL

MoD List :

Exterieur :

- M&S WarrioR basic Kit
- GT Wing
- Facelift headlights & taillights
- Full Set of biolights & Eurolite-
- cleaned Sidemarkers/Trunklock/Antenna /Rear wiper & Nozzle
- Repainted whole car in sparkling graphite / black
- Customized & Molded Supra Sideskirts
- Stronger trunk dampers
- Custom Zefiro metal Hood
- M&S Billet Badge

Interieur :

- BROS gauges
- System Metal Gauge Rings
- Metal pedals
- Metal door sills
- System Metal Temp Knobs
- System Metal Vent Rings
- Custom gear knob
- Soundmasters FG Trunk Setup
- Soundmasters Dash Re-Design
- Soundmasters A-pillar Re-Design
- Soundmasters Custom Gauge Pod
- Soundmasters Custom Voltage Screen Console

Rims & Tires & Brakes :

- OZ Ultraleggera in 18" x8 ET35
- Conti SC 2 tires 215/40
- Bilstein BB16 PSS Coilovers
- Seoulfulracing BBK
- Blue Painted Calipers
- Muteki Lug Nuts

Engine :

- Injen Super SES Cat-Back
- Alpine Supercharger Kit Stage 1
- Clutchmasters Stage 3 Clutch
- Clutchmasters Flywheels
- Kspec Polyurethan Motormounts x2
- Oil-Temp., EGT, Boost Stri DSD Series Smoked Gauges
- System Big Bore Throttle Body
- NGK Hotwires
- GT Header (4-2-1 Header)
- Modified Cat
- Dei Wire- & Heatwrap
- Mocal Oil-Cooler with 80°C Thermostat
- 2 Step colder plugs of NGK
- Haltech E5 Engine Managment System
- Custom belt tensioner
- BMC Carbon Dynamic Airbox

BoOm bOom system :

Headunit : Alpine DVA-9860R
Proc: Alpine PXA-H701 + RUX-C701
TFT: Directed HVM-700 (3, 1 in-dash, 2 in trunk )
Voltage scrn: Brax x2
Tweeters: RS-Audio Pro T26
Midrange: DLS URS 2.5"
Kicks : Cadence CVL *2
Amps : Steg K 4.03 for Tweeters & Midrange
2x Steg-K 2.03
Sub: MTX Sledgehammer 9515
Batteries : Exide G60 & G80

Congrats to gamble!
Our apologies to the COTY winners in the delay in posting up the threads due to circumstances outside our control.

As a side note, the NT Staff takes no responsibility for phiL's soulpatch....


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wow, looks great any other int pics?

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Nice ride man!! Congrats

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looks amazing, man. MUCH deserved....those skirts flow really well with that kit, too...

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So So hot man, yeah i agree with ^this dude^ nightshade the tails!

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Those new rims definately set it off.... and it makes me proud to have voted for you as COTY!


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yeah those Volks are infinitely better than your previous wheels. Well done man. You deserve it.

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yes congratulations.

can we see some interior pics? please

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Thank u so much guys :)

Here is a pic of my dash, the pic is not quite up to date as i already have a full black oem leather
interieur (seats, door inserts) and a TWM short shifter (yucky long stock shifter, yuck...destroying the whole pic :( )
I also have a AEM Uego Wideband sitting beside me that is just waiting for will be placed in the cupholder between the front seats ;)

My trunk setup was this..

but my new setup is in the making since last nov. we wanted something thats never been done before....a shark in my shark, will get painted in car color...u will be blasted away when this is finished :)

kind regards phiL
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