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Official Orange County Thread

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i thought it would be nice if all the orange county people chime in here!

well ill be #1

Huntington Beach, CA here
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That sounds pretty badass! I'm in!
I think I can make it out Saturday as well!
Sonofjohn that looks sick bro!!

Jakey138 be sure to subscribe to this thread so you'll get a heads up of upcoming meets.
^^^ Sounds like a good time lol!
Sonofjohn I definitely want to see this at the next meet!
Count me in David! I'll try to get some of the IE guys to go as well.
Need new brakes first. :(
Yeah, you definitely need brakes lol! Me and a fellow Tib from Upland (6spdSE) did a quick GRR run yesterday starting from Mt. Baldy and it was awesome!! Suspension and Brake Check!!! lol!!

I'm addicted now. Can't wait to get up there with a row of Tibs!

Hey Wes, I should get your number just in case you're in town when we have another inch to run.
I'm always up for a GMR run. Always.
Lol! And now I know why!
Just moved to California. I've had my Tib since 07 and have yet to do a group run. I'll have to join you guys when you get a date set.
Welcome to Cali! I saw your pic of the month entry, that's a great shot!
Hey guys. Sat the 19th I'll be at LA airport to drop a friend off. Wondering if anyone wants to hang out before i go back to vegas?
Hey! I've been wanting to meet up again soon with the fellas, the 19th is def a possibility. I'll keep ya posted!

hey guys how is everyone :]
Doing great buddy! How bout you??

Bummer, I'll actually be there this Saturday with some people from my other forum, we'll be meeting at Legends Diner in Glendora at 2 if anyone's interested.
Might be interested Wes, I'll hit you up.

Any news on an OC meet David?
So my date change, I'll be there Sunday the 20th. If anyone is doing anything please let me know. My name is kevin 7024885344. It would be cool to chill with some people. I'm always with honda guys cuz they are the only active people out here.
I'll be down that way again this weekend (19th-20th) if anyone wants to do a run. Maybe a different run. Is highway 2 out of La Canada any good? It looks good on the map.
lets do a run :D this weekend is perfect. just let me know the time and place to meet :) my number in case you dont have it is (626) 297-6549, just text me the deets. hope to see some people n tibs this weekend :)!!
I think I'm up for a run this Sunday. Do you guys have any particular place or time in mind yet?
Well we can always try that La Crescenta run or just a usual place. either way im down :) just name the time and place!
Cool! I've been hammering out the details with some of the guys, but I'll sort it all out for sure tomorrow.

If anyone else is interested in going for a run this Sunday (May 18th) at around noon, PM me or post up here. More than likely we're thinking Highway 2 at La Canada Flintridge.
You mean Sunday May 20th.!!!
Lol!!! Yes yes the 20th! Thanks Mike, would never have noticed! :3_pimatyo
Hey guys! Info for tomorrow (May 20 lol)

Meet at noon at:

Hill Street Cafe La Canada
1004 Foothill Blvd
La Canada Flintridge, CA 91011

Off of the 210 Freeway. Angeles Crest Highway (Hwy 2) runs right into the cafe at Foothill Blvd.


Angeles Crest Highway to Big Tujunga Canyon Road westbound which will dump us off to Mt. Gleason Avenue in Sunland.

If you have any questions hit me up (951) 675-4864. If the time/place/route changes, I'll be sure to post up. Hope to see you out there!
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Its nice when one d-bag ruins everything. Someone stole my friends passport. Now the whole reason going to LA goes down. Now i get to spend the day dealing with police and imigration services. Woot....
Damn that sucks eggrolls! I hope you guys get everything sorted out. We'll see you next time you're in town.
Anyone heading out to the ARK meet this Sunday?
Sonofjohn you're still going right?
possibility to bump to 22nd? got my girlfriends baby shower on the 21st...
yes im having a baby :)well not me, my girlfriend lol my first one, its a girl!! :3_chubby::3_bdaybig
AWESOME!! That's great news, congrats Pablo! :3_bier:

I'm in. Gotta save some money for gas for the day. :3_bier:
I'll see you out there D! It's been a while.
다녀왑습니다! (I'm back!) Korea was super fun & I wish I could've stayed longer. Seems like I was lucky to have been gone during the super hot weeks. ;p. I didn't have any time to look into any car stores or tuner meets. Just went to various places & regions around Korea, spending quality time with family. How has everyone been doing?
Welcome home David, glad you two had a great time!
Hey guys! Anyone from the OC heading to the Temecula meet this Sunday the 11th besides Luis? Shout out if you're interested!
any info on this meet? im in that area

EDIT: I think ill try and make this one. looks like fun, who else?
That's great!
It starts at 11am. The address is:
41421 Date St, Murrieta, Ca 92595

Some of us have been to other KDM meets at this shop and they're pretty cool people.

If anyone wants to caravan and are near Ontario, some of us are meeting at Ontario Mills at 10am. If your interested hit me up so we know to look for you.
Anthony 951-675-4864
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