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Official Orange County Thread

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i thought it would be nice if all the orange county people chime in here!

well ill be #1

Huntington Beach, CA here
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The people signed up so far are:

1. optimummind (GF won't be coming...she got sick last time...see my DT-P review...)
2. optimummind's friend (pending)
3. burkastan (brian) and wife (candace)
4. docshaun (shaun) and possibly wife Jess, she doesn't know her schedule yet
5. Bakerking31 and GF
6. Sink (GF perhaps)
7. Tuscani Joe GT
8. Valkare
9. Dragonis
10. Mearone
11. BlueSharkV6 (Brian) & a homie (maybe)
12. Silver_Platinum
13. Tuca_hh
I'm down for this..:3_shiny:
i might bring my friend up there... he's gonna ride with
I might be able to go meeting... but i'm not sure though...haha

sorry for unsure response....:3_sadley:

I will let you know as soon as possible...!:3_pimatyo
Okay, I'm going fo sho!!:3_wink:

I'll see all of you on Sunday!!!

but the weather is....crazy... few showers for whole week...;;
Hope it gets better on sunday...
Oh, I had some trouble with my car, so I couldn't make GMR meeting.. sorry about that.:3_sadley:

I still didn't fix it, so my car will sound cheap.. don't laugh though...haha

And, I haven't decided yet, but might bring my friend on my passenger
It was nice to see all of you guys!!! :3_winkthu

i'll post my pics soon... if i'm not lazy....
also, i'm not a professional with DSLR (i just bought it a month
so, it might not seem good...haha
I posted up my pictures
I'm trying to sell my SFR cat-back exhaust...
Anyone interested?:3_smile:
i just wanna get back to
Why, what happened? Did you get a fix-it ticket? Or is exhaust too loud?
No, i haven't got any tickets and it's not loud at all...i
i'm trying to sell my car.. but not soon.. so, yea... haha
Do you mind if I ask why you're selling the car? Isn't yours kind of new--a 2007 Tibby? Is it for Genesis Coupe?
Naw.. since this is my second 07 tib, i can't get much into it like first
So.. yea... not Genesis coupe, but different car..^^
this year's economy is in bad shape, so i don't think i can sell my car easily.
But, well.. i gotta try... haha
Or one of my friend mentioned about buying my car, but he's not sure yet
Ah, IC. I remember too when I got my 2nd Tib (the current silver), it wasn't the same feeling as my first (black one). Did you crash the first Tibby?
Yea, it got totaled by a stupid Japanese guy with new Civic Si...
My first tib was 07 also, but (it had only 3500miles! ToT)
so, i almost ended up by buying RX-8, but i changed my mind to own a V6 tib instead..
but it's getting hard to keep up with my second tib..i don't know why... haha
Ah, i decided to keep my car recently...

i don't think no one will gonna buy my Hyundai, and i won't get as much as i want from Carmax / dealer... so...
i guess i'll see you guys again in

And i'm trying to look for some rare parts from Korea that people barely have in U.S.
I want it in unique!:3_smile:
Cool, now we'll have more FL2 Tibbys showing up at the meets. Are you gonna come to GMR on the 10th?

BTW, what kind of mods are you trying to do?
I'm not sure about GMR meet since i'm working full time on weekends...:2_confuse

But, i'm getting a new exhaust from Korea.. well, hopefully if i can find
darn it... i wish i could go...
i have freaking work at 12... hope you guys have fun...!

and Valkare, i only saw you once, and didn't get a chance to talk with you, but..
you have a hella nice car, and hope you enjoy your norcal life!
but i heard there are a lot of police in Angeles Crest.
gotta be careful..
anyways, i gotta sell my SFR exhaust....:(
i recently ordered a new set of exhaust, so i need to make up money by selling my current exhaust..
Should i put in on ebay??
What is wrong with the SFR exhaust?
Oh, there's nothing wrong with my exhaust at all..
the only concern is that one of my gasket is leaking..
but, it's in mint condition and used only half year..
i just got a great deal on new set of exhaust from Korea, so.. yea.. haha

The original price of SFR Cat-back exhaust is 730,
and i was thinking to sell it for 500 shipped..
Or 450 locally pick up.. lol
i guess no one is interested in my SFR cat-back exhaust set... sigh...
i need it to be gone as soon as possible~ 제발~ lol
haha yeah same here bro , she said she needs time before she can date me i was like whatever more money for me to spend on the tib then

ill be getting some Angel eyes from SFR like David
poly motor mounts
maybe some other stuff, i just got a credit card so ill see how my financial spendings go lol
Sorry to hear that bro... but on the other side, you are getting a bunch of parts!
I wish i have more money... sigh..
haven't visited NT for a while...
i see a lot of you guys putted good stuffs on your cars... nice!

i tripped to Chicago last month and spent all my money on having fun...sigh..
i gotta work hard for my future
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