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Official Orange County Thread

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i thought it would be nice if all the orange county people chime in here!

well ill be #1

Huntington Beach, CA here
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So Cal KDM meet in Murrieta on August 12! Thread started here:

I know its a drive but I want to show up with a mass of Tiburons! It will be a great way to get a meet and greet + tibby cruise to Temecula + car meet! Come on? What do you have to loose!!!
YEAH!!! Bring your supra to the Kia/Hyundai meet this Sunday!
Me, PRIME, my Subaru buddy and possibly a Nissan 240 are caravaning. to the event. You should join us! We are heading on in the caravan around 9:30. Not exactly sure where we are meeting up but probably somehwere around the 10/15 interchange.
Man, should have told me you were hitting up GMR...I live about 5 minutes away from the road! And yeah that fire was intense. They seem to knock it out super quick though.
Here is facebook invite to the KDM vs. JDM show. We need tiburons in FULL FORCE!!!

Remember, I also have an event going on October 20th. We will be cruising for that as well. It will also be in Temecula and will be KDM + others as well. Free stuff at both events!
HERE IT IS!!!! Another GMR meet, greet, and cruise. We had a great turn out last time and it was super fun so please come out again! This time, everyone that comes out will be getting an authorized business card for 1 FREE HOUR of shop time...just for coming out!!!!

If you are a Facebooker...please RSVP to this invite. Feel free to pass along the invite to others!
It is Saturday April 20th. We are meeting up at my shop at 10:00am and will be crusing out at 11:30 sharp.

Address is 5512 Arrow Highway Montclair, CA 91763. We are located in the Arrow Center which is a large green complex with a medical laboratory out front. We are in the back...loom for our Auto Hobby banner.
We start by driving up baldy but hook a left right before ice house road. Its a substantially longer drive then just going up baldy. It takes about an hour or so to complete.
Awesome, this is turning out to be a pretty big event with a SUPER strong number of Tiburons! If any of you guys are Facebook people, please go onto our face book page and RSVP for the event. This is just to give us an idea of how many people we can expect and plan for.

Looking forward to this! Its going to be so awesome!!!!
Soon boys...soon...
I will figure out a date for another MGC. We an discuss a track day at the next meet. We have been talking about getting a track day together. We were thinking possibly Adams Motorsports park in Riverside, however it's a small track and you don't even get out of third gear. It's really fun and pretty cheap though so I think we will probably do our first track day there and see how the it goes.

Also, if you guys wanna do a shop day, let me know. We can just all install mods or do maintenance or whatever.
OH yeah, long live the TIb. R1, you need to come out to one of our meet, greet, and cruises especially since your a fellow Tib owner. Its always a really really good time.
Just picked up my Injen short ram intake. Going to be slapping that guy on today. My car is finally CA legal again....for the first time in a very very very long time. However, I have already begun to prep the blower so....not going to last long. haha
Dan I went short ram because that is what the guys was selling, lol. Chris sold me a super clean short ram, for super cheap. Couldn't pass it up plus I need a CARB intake to pass SMOG
This months Photo Of the Month is a Tiburon group shot. I might try and get something organzied for this up coming weekend. We need at least three Tiburons. Was thinking about donig it at night in/on a parking structure, possibly the one at Cal Poly Pomona because its finals week, and that structure will be a ghost town after Thursday afternoon.

Whos down?
We might be able to don't Thursday night...we need at least three. I'm hoping to get more then that...
we are shooting for Thursday. stay posted for a time. it will be at Cal Poly Pomona.
Yeah I'm down. Sunday? I feel like Saturdays are really busy for people. I could do either actually . and now that my SC is back on my car...all I need is tired and I'm set!
I will be in Laguna Beach (with the Tib) August 2nd - 9th. So obviously I would be able to attend any meets in the area around that time. Its my vacation, so I don't have to worry about work.
Check the socal group on FB. I think I saw someone selling an orange FL bumper. Also check CL.
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