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Official Orange County Thread

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i thought it would be nice if all the orange county people chime in here!

well ill be #1

Huntington Beach, CA here
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OMG, just watched the mullholland hwy video... i cant wait to get back to cali to drive some mountain roads with you guys. '07 4c and i have been stuck in miami florida where the biggest hill they had was a mountain of garbage... btw, the seibon TS hood with the LEDs mounted inside is something i might have to "borrow" i was thinking about putting em on my side gills, but dont know if i want to bore holes in em quite yet...
HEY GUYS AND GALS. south florida tib driver here, soon to be driving cross country to finally reunite with the state i love. i hope that as soon as i get resettled back in my homestate i can meet up with you guys. i have been dreaming of mullholland hwy.
^^ alright, another SoCal tib!! When are you getting out here? I'm thinking of putting together a track meet here in a few months, but I'm sure a mulholland meet will be in the works too!!!
i leave miami on the 14th of march. 5-6 days to cross country. 3 days to recoop and settle in. some time around the 24th. if you are putting together a track meet, im sure ill have to bring my dad along with me. he has yet to drive my tib. im sure he will have fun doing so.

figured id post a little pic just in case you guys see me on the road and want to bug me(anytime for a tib driver)


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Come meet your favorite Formula D drivers and teams along with some of your favorite Import Models for our second annual Car Meet x Formula D Tech Day.

Here's what you have to look forward to:

FORMULA D TEAM TECH INSPECTION - Watch your favorite teams and drivers debut their Drift cars for the 2013 season.

GIANT CAR MEET - Plenty of parking for you and your entire crew

FORMULA D TICKET GIVEAWAY - A limited quantity of Formula D Long Beach General Admission tickets will be given out

IMPORT MODELS -2013 IT and SS Calendar girl Autograph session

FOOD TRUCKS - Orange County's hottest food trucks will be arriving so bring your appetite.

COVER CAR SEARCH - If your car at the meet has what we are looking for, you might find yourself on a magazine cover.


Arrive early, bring your camera, bring a pen, drag your girlfriend. See you there.

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i will TOTALLY be there. by the way guys and gals, i made it safely across country. the tib handled EXCEPTIONALLY at high speeds, ranging 100-125 on the flats. only thing that had me some concern was my hood. due to my front bumper being a bit lopsided due to some asshat backing up into me. there was a bit of vertical movement at higher speeds, but it didnt fly off so all is well on that end.

but yeah, i will so be there on the 30th. look for the blue tib with the seibon ts hood and angel eyes.
hey guys and gals, hoping to meet up with a couple or more of you on saturday in irvine for this car show.
speaking of repainting... where is a good place to get a bit of body work and a repaint/clear coat done in the OC for cheap? this is one of those things that i dont want to do myself for once.
bought my ticket for the long beach drift event. anyone else coming along?
It is Saturday April 20th. We are meeting up at my shop at 10:00am and will be crusing out at 11:30 sharp.

Address is 5512 Arrow Highway Montclair, CA 91763. We are located in the Arrow Center which is a large green complex with a medical laboratory out front. We are in the back...loom for our Auto Hobby banner.
cant wait. i take it we are going to be driving up mt. baldy?
i made certain that i wouldnt have work that day. man i look forward to it. i just installed footwell accents from diode dynamics, wanna show em off.
so i know it is pretty last second but who is going to the long beach formula drift tomorrow morning?
Well I'm looking forward to this Saturday, any idea on how many people from NT are showing?

i will be there. i wasnt able to find aaron... or whomever went to formula drift in long beach. i might bring a friend along if he isnt too far gone. i imagine he would have a blastie seeing as he will pregame the **** out of "them brownies" and maybe one or 2 for him for the road. ****ing roller coaster ride for him... shame that i will still be considered active military.

but yeah, heavy tib turnout for the GMR. looking forward to it.
lookin forward to tomorrow guys. whos going? joe, dont answer. we know youll be there
I'll be there, just got done cleaning up the car a bit. :)
same here. nice and pretty to play with the rest of you tibbys
Also, no pictures/videos?

i have some go pro footage of the run. im thinking of dropboxing it or MAYBE youtube uploading, but my connection speed is HORRIBLE

everyone had a lot of fun though. mosltly tibs
Well I did have my dash cam setup but forgot my microSD card, FAIL!! On the other hand, the car handled great. The car was very responsive and and able to put power down upon exit smoothly, a great overall driving experience. Now I need to hit Buttonwillow and see what my new personal best will be. :)
lol no card in?!?!? ouchies

glad to see im not the only one with a dashcam though.
heres a basic video of the turnout.
dont hate on the subie or bimmer. we love all cars
also, im working on uploading part one of the cruise up the mountain. 1086 minutes remaining on upload... :(
Yeah I pulled it out to clear it and forgot to reinstall it, lol.
dont most dashcams have a "format card" option? i know mine overwrites the data unless its locked.
I removed it so I could transfer the previous video to my laptop, oh well there's always next time :)
yup looking forward to it. im trying to talk to some of the people i know at MCAS el toro that work for the city of irvine to see if we can set up a track event. maybe an autocross/ 1/4-1/2 mile

will update with more info when i get it.
took this thing long enough to upload....

part 1

part 2

awwww man did this thread just get empty really quick?
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