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Hey guys and gals, I understand this thread is old but its local to me and its kind of a local question. I figured I'd post here before I made a new thread.

Anyways I wanted to know if anyone has passed the OBD2 Etest with one of Fiebruz's/NGM's Sniper stage 2 re-flashes?

the reason I ask is because if anyone has paid attention to the readiness monitors after such a reflash has been installed certain ones are now greyed out/not used. The distinct one that comes to mind is the 'O' one for oxygen sensors.

Now its important to note that my car is still in storage so I cant access it yet for more details. I have never had a code and put many km's on it since the stage 2 upgrade and OBD2 functionality is still unchanged (as in I can plug in and pull codes and get engine management data).

anyways just wanted to know if anyone has passed the test yet as mine in due this year. if not Ill have to be the test mule come April and ill post the conclusion here.
9241 - 9241 of 9241 Posts