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I have been getting these codes.

I have repaired all vacuum leaks that I know of by testing around the the intakes and the MAF.
The MAF looks good and appear to get about 3 to 4 g/s when idle.
I have replaced the O2 sensors.
The fuel pressure is constant at 51 psi while driving.

When the car is cold and idle the O2 sensor readings look normal, with exception that the O2 pre-catalytic converter are a little slow, and vary between .1 and .9 volts.
Once the car has been running and has warmed up all the O2 readings drop to 0.

See the screen shots.

If I unplug the O2 sensor connector, the value returns to .4 volts. I tried putting in a smoke test in the intake and did not see any smoke.
The car idles between 750 to 800 rpm and there is not hesitation.

Thanks for any help.


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