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my 2.0 I4 automatic 2003 non CVVT Tiburon drives slow.

From what I found its in "safe" mode as there is P0340 code triggered. I tried to clean it, it comes back, sometimes after a while, sometimes faster.

As it was called CAM Position sensor issue, I bought new sensor, threw old out and drove it. Didnt work, after I found it Crank sensor unbolted itself and moved, I bought a new one and replaced it. It didnt work.

I changed timing belt and I am almost 100% positive it skipped a tooth. So I set it right, cleaned codes and it came back.

I tried multiple sensors, they arent original Hyundai but they are OEM or how do you call it, $20 each.

I dont have balls to spend $200 on two new sensors to find out it doesnt fix a thing.

Can someone provide schematic for cables, mine look fine, there could be an issue on the other side of the connector.

Car drives fine, it isnt super slow but also, it isnt very fast. It drives me mad.

I have also issue with front wheel sensors, bought new set yet it doesnt register any pulses, ABS tooth wheel is present. Maybe issue in wires.

Any idea how to fix any of these codes?
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