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Ok, I'm thinking about selling my Tib come next spring. But unsure on what a fair price would be.

The KBB trade-in value is $12,700.

I've got an '03 GT Auto with a little over 34k miles. I'd like to sell it with all the mods and extra parts I have, rather than part it out.

Currently installed...

Alpine stage 1 SC (on for 2 years next August)
Hot Shot headers
Custom 2.25" exhaust with Magnaflow mufflers
Solid Motor Mounts
JVC KD-SH707 HU (MP3 compatible) w/ remote and fold down/ tilt face
I've also got the aluminum dash trim and tuscani door sills, but those aren't that important.
17x7 Konig Zeige wheels (limited edition, don't make anymore)
Seibon CF hood (stock style with stock latch)
Magnacore spark plug wires.

Not installed.....

2.75" pulley for the SC
290cc injectors
Pretuned Mafterburner (for 290cc injectors)

Stock parts to go with it...

Upper IM
Exhaust manifolds and cat
16" wheels (which will have Blizzaks mounted on them that I bought and will use this winter)
Stock Infinity HU
I never put the CC back on the car after installing the SC, so I have that as well.

Also have both shop manuals to go with it.

Well maintained and changed oil every 3 months (with Mobil 1 synthetic), as I've never hit 3,000k miles between changes.

Reason for selling is I don't really have the time or money to keep modding the Tib and I really want an '86-'87 GN/GNX and don't see the point in dumping money into something else when I really want something else. I also need something with AWD/4WD for the winters here (thinking about the new 4 door Wrangler or Mazda CX-7).

Anyway, what should I start asking for this? I was thinking of asking between 14,500 and 15,000 to start, so I have room to come down in price and was thinking the lowest I would go would be 13,500.

Is that decent or would I be ripping someone off?

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The sad truth is that aftermarket parts do not add to the value in proportion to the part value (and in some perverted way, they can actually hurt the resale value because people think you've driven the car hard). You've got a couple grand in parts, but I honestly think $13,500 is probably as good as you're gonna get.

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Take the price of the mods and subtract them from KBB.

No, really.

Or part it out and sell the carcass to someone unsuspecting.

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would u part it out? i want the hood.. and i think i can have somebdoy pick it up for me
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