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I installed one of those remote start systems and everything works as it should, however, after turning the engine OFF, there is this faint buzzing/humming noise coming from the alternator (very obviously from the alternator). Now, I tried cutting the power to the remote start and this buzzing/humming continues, even when the vehicle is started/shut off with the key. When I disconnect the negative terminal of the battery, the noise immediately stops, and when the battery is reconnected the noise is not present again until the car is started/shut off.

The noise is only present AFTER the car has been shut off, and I have not yet let it sit making that noise to see if it later ceases (for fear of damaging the alternator/draining the battery).

Everything is connected properly to the best of my knowledge and the system does work correctly. Has anyone ever installed one of these remote starts (on any car)? Has anyone ever heard of a problem like this (whether a remote start was installed or not)?

I believe the cause is the remote start, as I would have likely noticed this noise before, but I'm not entirely sure. The members of this forum have always been very helpful with issues like these. Any suggestions, as always, are greatly appreciated. Thanks for your time.
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