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History of my tib, its a 2003 GT v6 6speed the ULTRA SPORT PACKAGE 2 option... it was a gift from my father..bought brand new in march of 02 for $19,594 in Hyundai of El Paso..(tib was made in jan 25 02) one of the first tibs in production..i love my car and really enjoy driving it...Well time passed by and i had a urge to put a kit on my car and chose Razzi..What a mistake didn't last long when i decided i wanted a clean stock look again and decided to do the fl front (2005-06) and fl2 rear(2008-09).

The creativity/history of my user name PRtibby in case your wondering ... ''PR'' stands for Puertorican and '' tibby'' for tiburon..i started thinking of a name for my user name in NT and the first one that poped up in my head was PRtibby, i liked it and it stuck and now i named my tib PRtibby lol

UPDATE PIC PAGE 4 for FL2 rear

Exterior mods:

ARK Short antenna
chrome door handles
red lug nuts
tiburon badge and gt v6 removed​
18''x8 +45 offset Hyper silver Nogaro wheels
235 40 r18 silverstone tires
tuscani emblems
tuscani wheel caps
red calipers
NIA eyelids
tuscani 3rd brake light tint or viynil
Hid low 10k
diode dynamics white smd angel eyes wired to OEM fog switch
SE emblem on upper grille
F/L front Conversion (bumper,headlamps,Gills,Foglamps,Fog Surrounds,Fender liner)
05-06 Exos aluminum foglight rings

35% tint all around
5% tint on sunroof
3 way washer nozzel
upgraded wipers and size Michelin "steath" 22",18",rear 24"
FL2 rear conversion
painted gas cap Gloss black
M&S type A front lip
M&S Roof Spoiler
GT tech type 2 side skirts
VIS Terminator Carbon Fiber Hood
Genesis Coupe Ixion Rear diffusor modified to fit the tib
Led (hyper white) blubs for dome light and license plate


tuscani door step plate
tuscani steering wheel badge
aluminum a/c dials from k-spec
tweeter rings
Aluminum Gauge Bezel and Fuel+Temp Rings
passanger side cup holder
74 1-5050 SMD (red bulb ignition ring SMD) from Diode Dynamics
aftermarket anti-theft system/alarm
Painted shifter surround carbon gréy
Painted inside door handel housing carbon grey
Painted plastic piece abové cluster carbon grey
Red line shift boot
aluminum A/C vent ring set + Ignition ring from SFR
silver F/L2 door handel and grip set
silver (gunmetal) window switches
Gunmetal radio Center Facia Panel
silver top f/l 6 speed shift knob
aluminum multigauge bezel
Tuscani gauge bezel
Tuscani hatch plates
Tuscani under e brake piece
Red logo tiburon mats
Trunk tiburon mat
oem aluminum dead pedal
Red Led dash footwells wired to OEM fog switch
kdm Ash tray/coin holder ( goes inside the cupholder infront of armrest)


jvc radio
AUX cable
stock infinty system with sub woofer


drill slotted brake rotors
Stage 2 spec clutch
Ark light flywheel
slave cylinder mod
ILT 6-2-1 headers(ebay)
Injen short ram intake
Modified Concept exhaust
Modified Concept quad tip mufflers
ralco sts
NGK irridium spark plugs
Optima red top battery


freedom design front strut bar
shark racing rear strut bar
Sharkracing Center strut/room bar
Megan Racing Lowering Springs(1.5 all around drop)

engine dress up:

engine plastics painted black with the 6 pack painted (07-08 tiburon carbon grey)
tuscani fuse cover box plate
tuscani maf cover
tuscani engine bay emblem
aluminum radiator hose sleve
aluminum vacum hose sleve
HRS aluminum oil cap(modified to fit)

Future Plans



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Sadly these are the only pic of the car when it was bought brand new

okay here are some pictures of how my tib used to look when
it had the razzi

Here are pic after i took the kit off

tsw nogaro wheels

my new drill slotted brake rotors

PRtibby's Ride

please excuse the crappy quality of camera was a phone cam but good new is for Christmas i got a new camera so pretty some new pics with better quality

p.s my old album got deleted so thats why i made this one

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Nice ride!! All parts look good... Good choice dumping the razzi!

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nice man what size r your new wheels?
there 18'' hyper silver nogaro rims

Edit : here are a few more Pictures

these were a few pic of a quinceanera we did

Heres A pic of my friends yellow Tiburon


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okay i havent updated this in a while so heres a few updates, i got an Injen IS1375P SRI and painted the lip black and got my engine plastics painted

before engine plastics where painted

Close up on my Aluminum HRS Oil Cap

Engine plastics painted


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that is properly awesome. i usually don't like red cars either, but yours makes it look good.

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Looking super clean! I like the way the engine plastics look with that glossy finish. Way to represent the rally reds!
thanks my friend did it for me 4 free. ......and def rep the rally reds all the way lol

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Thats beautiful ....NIce work...Looks clean ...

that is properly awesome. i usually don't like red cars either, but yours makes it look good.
lol i usually get comment like this from friends...they also tell me they dont like red because red fades faster to


Killer tib, its sooo clean, how did you do the redout on the fog lamps? need a DiY on that one. KDM rep. re. sent.
thanks man....actually its orange tint on my fogs...its easy to put on if you strech out the paper..cost me 2 dollars to do it...and i made the kdm stick at a sticker store next to my house
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