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Rear Wheel Bearing?

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I found out today my rear driver's side wheel bearing is shot. From the looks of it, it doesn't seem to hard to replace. Anyone done this? Any suggestions? I have to go over to Hyundai tomorrow and order the part.
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It'll be pressed onto the hub and shaft. not a terribly fun install. I had a buddy do mine in my celica. he said that usually when the wheel bearing goes and you try to pull it off with a puller it explodes into pices leaving the middle ring still pressed onto the shaft.....they're not easy to get off and you usually have to cut them off. Im a DIYer all the way, but this install is simply no fun.
from what i've heard.
The site doesn't say anything about them being pressed?
It is a hub assembly not a bearing had same problem and replaced it myself pretty easy!
Any one know the what size socket I will need for the center nut?
lets get something straight... I've replaced 3 of these... (problem is fixed that was causing it)

The 1st time I had someone else do it b/c it was in his work garage and I was outa state... the 2nd 2 I did and it was just as easy as watching it... take the wheel off, take the brake caliper off, then remove the hub locking nut... pull it off (may need a wack from the rubber mallet) and then replace... and put everything back on... and dont forget some grease on the inner part of the hub... but don't get it on the ABS sensor teeth... and your all good.

the center I think is huge... like 3" or something
Aiet, my bad.
I suppose my experience is rooted in the front wheel bearings but i assumed the rears would be similar.
OK that wasn't bad.... except...

Take a look at this. I am done for the day. I am going to put the old one back on until I can figure this out. The new part moves just as much if not more. I put the new part on the other side that is good and it moves the same.

The center is the spindle. The next ring out is the inside of the bearing. The ring outside that, marked as "Moves" is the outside of the bearing.

The whole assembly sits on the spindle very snug and it doesn't seem to be the problem. The problem seems to be in the bearing.

When I put the old part back on, the thing is solid. Like its not broke. The brakes were tight so it may be that the rear brake is keeping together. I am at a loss here. Could it be that I didn't get the center nut tight enough?
What do you guys think?
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should be a 32mm

I dont know the tq off hand though.
order the hub from an auto parts store instead of the dealership. save yourself a $50+
Yeah, what ^^^ said...

I think I paid just over $100 for mine brand new. How much is the dealer charging you?
I paid $ 75 and that was after my friend made his cash. But it didn't fix it. The thing still moves. It isn't ruining my tire as of yet or making noise. Hopefully it holds out until this ungodly cold weather goes away.
your putting too much into it... just slap it on tighten it down and the rotor, caliper and then rim will do the rest... your seriously over thinking it... just put it on
FYI: that part you are saying moves is the bearing, and yes all bearings on the hub will move a bit. The only catch is how it moves, which will tell you if it is bad or not. The bearing should be able wiggle up and down, but not in and out.

Question: how did you find out that your rear wheel driver's side wheel bearing is shot? If it wasn't making any noise or ruining your tires? Did a shop tell you this or is it just an assumption you have based on problems you are having with the car that you didn't mention in this thread? Only reason I ask is because I had to replace my rear hub (passenger side), because it was making a loud humming noise. I figured it was the bearing so I took the hub off the car this weekend and found that the problem was there. Once I replaced the hub the sound disappeared.
I went to get an alignment and they couldn't complete it totally. The tire when grabbing it at the top and bottom pivoted a lot. The same thing that the new one did. I installed the new part on the other side and it didn't move, like it shouldn't. When the shop I visit is done with the STI swap they are doing, we are going to look at it together. Its not making any noise nor is the tire wearing abnormally.
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