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Replacing Entire Driver Side Door

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Car: 2008 Tiburon

I got caught in an accident and my driver side door is totaled. I want to replace it but don't know where to start.
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Has anyone on here fully replaced their door?

I bought a replacement door but it needs these components:
*Door Glass
*Glass Actuator
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Some Questions:

  • Has anyone removed a Tiburon door? If so, how?
  • How would you install the glass?
  • How would you install the actuator?

Any help is appreciated thanks
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Well, I don't recall seeing much around over the years for replacing the whole door. There are DIYs here for the interior door panel (mine for exterior handles, for example here: DIY: - Chrome Door Handles or Replacement | Hyundai Tiburon Forums ( ) and I'm sure there are some around for window motors and/or regulators as those are fairly common repairs.

Aside from that I'm also not sure how the electrical runs through the door panel--there's that grommet that runs between the door and the frame, but I honestly don't know if the electrical connectors will fit through there or if they are attached after the wires are run and the door is in place.

I'd look around for an electronic shop manual, I have a couple I've picked up over the years--not sure if the links here on the forum still work or not. Any from 03 to 08 should be fine as the doors didn't really change.
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