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Resurrecting a Silver Shark

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Hello folks!

Let me preface with saying that I really thought I was a member starting back in 2006 when I got my first Tibby, but for some reason I don’t have an account linked to any of my emails, oh well. :(

I’m making this thread to track the progress of my stock silver 2004 Tiburon GT that I bought in 2007. It has about 78k miles on it and I haven’t done anything with it at all except put some black wheels on it, Sony head unit, and regular maintenance.

The wife wants me to sell it, she can’t drive stick, and she could care less about any car. And at this point because it has essentially sat for about 10yrs, I don’t know the full state it is in.

My main goal is to go over everything best I can and get it running at least like brand new (stock) or better. “Better” being if something is shot or should be replaced and a better than stock aftermarket part still exists for a reasonable price, I’m going with that.
I’d like to be smart about it, but also do things I want because I would like to keep and enjoy the car.

I don’t consider myself super mechanically savvy like I thought I used to be, but I don’t think I’m a dumb dumb, and I’ve worked on my fare share of cars over the years. So I’ll be doing all the work myself if possible, which also helps me to get to know the car better.

What my initial planned budget was - which I completely ignored:

The starting point:
  • stock 2004 Tiburon GT 5MT
  • Black 17” Proline Alloy wheels
  • Nokian One 215/45s
  • Sony CDX-GT310 head unit

So far on the resurrection:
  • R1 Concepts Front Rear Brakes and Rotors Kit $380
  • Power Stop Front and Rear High-Temp Red Powder Coated Calipers $332
  • OEM Antenna assembly $38
  • StopTech (950.51000) Brake Line Kit, Stainless Steel $88.82
  • StopTech (950.51500) Brake Line Kit, Stainless Steel $75.33
  • Battery tray clamp $5.20
  • KYB Excel-G struts $231.99 +Shipping $67.98
  • AntennaMastsRus 6 3/4 Inch Premium Choice Antenna $26.00
  • MOOG K201658 “Problem Solver” Control Arm Bushings $54.98
  • Borla (140064) Cat-Back Exhaust $1,294.80
  • Z1 350Z/G35 Stainless Steel Clutch Line $44.88
  • Torque Solutions (TS-SCB-213) Delrin Shifter Cable Bushings $41.92
  • NGK (3878) RC-XX91 Spark Plug Wire Set $58.59
  • NGK Iridium IX Spark Plugs $34.98
  • Gates TCKWP315 Timing Belt Component Kit $170.79
  • Mahle K31795 Water Pump Gasket $6.33
    • Shipping and tax on the NGK, Gates, and Mahle stuff $29.66
  • Exedy (SC849) Slave Cylinder $16.71
  • Exedy (MC562) Master Cylinder $29.79
  • Mevotech (MKIT10722) Front End Kit w/Inner and Outer Tie Rod Ends, Sway Bar Links, Ball Joints $130.79
  • Mevotech (CMS90138/CMS90139) Front LCAs $231.58
  • Mevotech (CMS901018) Rear Adjustable LCAs $95.58
    • Shipping and tax on the Exedy and Mevotech stuff $70.96
  • Gates 90K38149 Complete Serpentine Kit w/ Belt, Belt Tensioner, Idler Pulley $103.65​
  • MOOG K500031 Ball Joints $56.22*​
  • BC Racing BR Series Coilovers (‎M-06-BR) $1,266.70 after taxes
  • BRD Front and Rear Yellow Bushings $237.73
  • Superpro Sway Bar Links Kit Hyundai Tiburon (TRC10200) $130.79
  • Superpro Sway Bar End Links Hyundai Tiburon (TRC1045A) $130.79
  • Beck/Arnley (104-1548) Passenger Side Engine Mount $106.44
  • AEM (21-521B) Blue Cold Air Intake System $198.99

Initial Budget: $4,800
Budget Left: $-1,130.4

I need to sell the KYB struts I got, which will help not being so over budget. :cry:
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Yep, mid 2004 there was a rear caliper change, I found out when I did work on my ex's Tib. There is a writeup regarding this.
You can remove the ebrake arm from the old caliper and swap to the new one. Thus the cable stays the same.
I wish I knew I could have gone that route rather than reordering the right ones… oh well lesson learned.

I’ll be updating my first post with the exact part numbers here soon, maybe it will help someone avoid it in the future.
Yep, well....I could be a PITA and say search first, buy later........but I won't. ;-)
Maybe another will find one of the threads and not go through the pain.
I was lucky, I still had the old calipers, figured it out, swapped the Ebrake arm on the caliper.....50+'years wrenching and facilities maintenance allowed me to figure it out.
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