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Hey, all,

I'm refreshing this 06 tiburon i got recently, it's in cosmetically rough shape, but i think that it can easily be saved with a bit or work and a bit of paint. Mechanically, It just needs an oil change wiith OEM filters and OEM oil grade. It's going to be receiving the following work that i plan to DIY to some degree

  • Repainted hood
  • fl2 rear taillights and bumper conversion
  • high rise oem wing repaint
  • gas cap, gills, mirror, and handle repaint
  • front bumper repaint
  • mild eyelids
  • some accent coloring via vinyl banner and lettering
  • reupholstered interior
  • replaced vapor barrier in right door
  • ebrake cable replacement
  • coilovers
  • catback
  • intake
  • wire loom insulation wrapping
  • rolled and clearanced fenders
  • camber bolts
  • upgraded clutch
  • custom upholstered steering wheel
  • chassis bars
It's already got:
  • custom recolored badges ready to install
  • reupholstered door cards
  • restored dash trim, door trim, and shifter trim with LED color change
  • metallic pedals
  • custom shift knob
  • 06-to-FL2 digital hvac conversion
  • FL2 head unit
  • Gauge cluster LED color change
  • new xxr 527's in chrome black
  • IAC restrictor

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Happy to see “New Clutch” isn’t on the list! That’s a good list and not bad at all. Only thing I can’t do is paint work. Should be a beauty when your done. Good luck! Let us know how it goes!👍🏼

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oh but you see, new clutch IS on the list. i wanna get a single mass flywheel and a stage 1-2 clutch. it's going to stay NA, so i don't really need a high end clutch but a mildly uprated clutch will definitely help me go longer before i get clutch slip.

For reference, i am not a stancey type, so this will only be set to about 1 inch lower (or something like that).
i still have my black tiburon to worry about: it needs a new front Right fender (or to have the inside of the bottom of the fender hammered back out and repainted), New coilovers (to replace the cruddy raceland), new hood struts (or a carbon hood) and rear bumper. i might even get a new pair of OEM headlights.
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