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I have seen several posts in here regarding turn signal problems, mostly related to the relays inside BCM.
Mine was a bit different, as right turn signal was blinking continously, stalk had no effect. Even unplugging stalk did nothing.
I measured the 3 wires going to the stalk, knowing left and right should be +12v and common should be ground.
I found +12v on left connection, 1.5v on right connection. This would indicate to the BCM the stalk was in the right turn position.

Disconnected battery, unplugged stalk, measured resistance from stalk plug connections to ground: 3kΩ on left, 100Ω on right connection. Something is (almost) shorting right signal to ground.
Opened BCM, noticed small SMD capacitors just next to all switch input pins, connected to ground.
As it is not uncommon for these to go bad, developing a (nearly) short circuit, I decided to hae a go at it, and removed the one for right turn input (Connector M, pin3).
After removing it, I had same resistance from pin3 to ground as pin13 (left turn input).
Put BCM back in car, and it works as i should (y)

Then did the same for rear fog switch input (same plug, pin 6), as they have not worked in a while:
Now these also works. Two shorted capacitors on the same plug input.
Might be a common fault in the BCM boxes?

Here are a picture of the pcb with the cap removed.
Should probably replace it with a new one, but do not have this kind of components.
Seems to work fine without it, it is only for noise supression anyway.

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