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anyone here running an apexi power cai filter... looking for an honest review please...
I have had the Apexi on my i4 over the summer. Replaced the filter that came with the ebay CAI.
Can´t honestly say that it made alot of a performance difference to the ebay filter. It has a nicer tone (deeper) to it and the filtration is great, after 15000km the inside surface of the CAI pipe was as new.
Overall I´m happy with the noticeable gains you get from the whole package. If there is a gain of 1-3hp from the filter itself you can´t feel it. I went with the Apexi because the mkiv site had tested some of the other well known brands and it won. And it´s a dry filter that wont mess up the MAF.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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