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Should I weld this replace it or does anybody have a solution

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The car lives in Massachusetts so naturally the underbody is rusted to hell should I just replace the whole exhaust. Any other solutions that don’t involve welding (I can’t weld and I can’t get it to a shop to get it on a lift)
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A short term solution is to get a piece of pipe that fits inside the broken ends. Then you can drill a few holes from the side on either side of the break and run sheetmetal screws to hold it together. Basically an internal splint.
You can get the pipe at most auto parts places.

Now, to your drivability issue, is this an AT or MT? If a MT, is it a case of in gear, you give it gas and the engine revs up but the car really won't accelerate? If so, sounds like a slipping clutch.
How long have you owned it?
JB weld can sorta fix a leak, I wouldn't expect it to hold those broken pipes together. A pipe sleeve bridges the break and is supported by pipe on each side.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts