Have some leftover parts to sell from my 08 tib, most other pieces were sold via facebook.
  • All parts were for or from a 2008 US model, so I cannot guarantee parts fitting on any other model.
  • Feel free to ask questions. All sales final. Price includes US domestic shipping, we may have to work out international shipping if need be.

1 – black/blue custom painted Tuscani Trunk/hood badges and wheel caps - $100 for badges, $100 for caps, or $150 combined - The hood/trunk badges will need new mounting tape on the rear, as they were used and removed from vehicle. Wheel caps were never used, but seem to no longer have a smooth surface. Maybe a bad batch of clear coat? Probably can use a light sanding and new layer of clear coat. Painted by Scott.

2 – Acrylic Dome Light inserts (07/08 only) – $30 - Old item from MidnightWolf on NewTiburon, these fit into your domelights, and you can swap out parts of the inserts as you wish. Comes with black, blue,and clear pieces.

3 – Clear door lens covers + T Inserts – $50 - made by Fused Fabrication. Insert into doors to see the T logo shine

4 – Steering Wheel SRS badge replacement – $30 - 3d printed “Tiburon” insert for lower center part of steering wheel, from Fused Fabrication.

5 – OPT7 auro pro bluetooth light controller - $40 – I used this to control my wheel-well lights. I provide the controller, power cable + cig lighter and fuse power adapters, a y splitter, and 2 weatherproof 24-inch double row LED strips. You can get more pieces from OPT7 to build out whatever kit you want. You control it with your phone.

6 – radio wire harness - $10

7 – stock intake - $90 – 3 pieces - air cleaner body/intake hose/intake duct with clamps

8 – stock horn - $20 – I believe this is the “alarm” horn next to the battery