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I have two rear solid engine mounts for sale. One appears to be a Web Motorsports for V6 (at first I thought it was an NGM but then I saw the "L" and "R" stamps on it which I believe NGM didn't do - someone correct me if I am wrong). One is of an unknown brand or perhaps custom made, and seemingly for the I4. I can measure the differences between the two but I happened to have had an extra I4 mounting bracket and it fit into it just fine. I have sandblasted + painted both with satin black enamel spray paint and are ready for sale.

1. V6 Rear Engine Mount (likely Web Motorsports) US$145 shipped within US/Can

2. I4 Rear Engine Mount (unknown brand) US$145 shipped within US/Can. Steel bracket portion has some marks from previous owners and rough surface from rust (which was sandblasted + painted) - pictured. I believe this to not be a functional issue

For reference here is what they looked like after sand blasting. The I4 one appears to be a two-piece design with a rubber sleeve around the centre cylindrical extrusion.
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