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Just got my first car about a month ago.
4 banger but good for highschool! It does need a few things and i was wondering if you huys had any spare parts!

They dont have to be perfect, just better than what i have. I need a rear right strut and 2 outer cv boots.
If you guys also had some automotive paint/primer, that would be awesome!
I honestly dont have much to offer but my thanks and respect...I should be getting some money soon and if needed we could sort something out.

These are only spare parts that you were gonna get rid of or something. My tib is my first car and im 16 and i want to do some mods but 16, highschool, and car modding dont really mix well together! So far all ive done was put a big *** k/n filter over my stock tubing and built a little bracket for it to sit on.

Let me know! In the Waco/Temple/kileen/Hilsboro area!!
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