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Hi guys - tried to post this in the I4 forums but of course, no responses, so i'm hoping for some help here in the V6 section!

I have a V6 Injen SRI but with a modified coupler to fit the I4 IM. I want to change out the filter (i live in the desert so even just after 5 months i've got to change the filter already). However i'm not sure which part number to order. I've been considering the AEM dryflow or the Fujita replacement, but i'm not bothered to relocate the horn and mount.

Another problem i have is when i'm idling (i mean while its in "drive" - automatic obviously) i feel a vibration in my brake pedal. When i shift the gear in neutral, its stops but then the rear of the car starts vibrating and i know this because i hear an annoying rattling noise. Tried to locate it but everything seems okay. But i can't win because if its in D my brake pedal/steering wheel vibrates. When i put it in N, the damn rear starts rattling.

I've narrowed it down to 3 possibilities:

1. My filter is too dirty and air is struggling to get in the engine (i doubt it because the filter "looks" dirty but nothing out of the ordinary.

2. My engine oil sucks - i used Caltex Havoline 15W-40 synthetic for my last oil change (I had used the same Caltex synthetic before except it was 5W-40, but this time i wasn't paying attention to what they were putting in the engine until it was too late - got it done at a Pep Boys type place here in Bahrain...)

3. My stock exhaust - when i first installed the SRI i already had an aftermarket exhaust (no modified catback piping, just a 2.5" inlet muffler with stock piping). But because i got fed up of getting ticketed for my exhaust, i stuck the stocker back on.

The only reason i narrowed it down to the above, is because it happened right after my oil change and exhaust change which i had done roughly at the same time.

Hope someone out there understands my garble! Thanks for the help in advance guys!

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Umm unless this vibration is recent, its normal for a auto. Did you replace any mounts recently also? That would increase the vibration.

No need to get a new filter, just clean it and I really dont think you need to clean it every 5 months. However if it looks really dirty go for it. The only reason why you need a new filter is if the old one is torn up or anything like that. K&N cleaning kit works great.

Im prettty sure the vibration in the rear isnt because of the stock exhaust. Next time you turn on your car, just take a look outside the car and listen for vibrating. If you cant then its probably inside.
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