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Stock Sub and Amp, sunroof motor and little black box.

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all prices are plus shipping and handling. open to trades. paypal for payment. PM me for questions.

1. sunroof motor from an 03 tiburon. part # 81631-2C001. known working. $50 plus shipping

2. Stock sub. pulled from an 05 tiburon, known working. SOLD

3. Stock amp. part # 96370-2C500. known working. the 440w version they stuck in 05-06 tiburons with the sub. an upgrade (slight) from the 03-04 stock amp. (03-04 models will need a different plug) SOLD!

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oh no, i put that because i've seen all of these parts working myself. sometimes you run accross parts that you picked up and never got a chance to test out or whatever.

i heard the audio stuff in the previous owners car before i bought it, and the sunroof motor was from my own car, and i pulled the whole sunroof to replace the sunroof shade, so i know that the motor works fine.
i'll take the sub... pm me your paypal addy and i'm willin to pay for the paypal fee if needed
all right, let me box it up and i'll get you a total....
all right, let me box it up and i'll get you a total....
I might be interested in the amp. Where is it usually located in the 2003 model? Something's wrong with my stock sub. someone cut the wires and disconnected it, but when I reconnected it it doesn't sound like it's powered by the amp (very quiet). Thanks.
behind the drivers side rear plastic side panel
any idea on shipping for the sub to me... 68505
Hey you still have the stock enclosure? I see the sub just wondering if the enclosure was for sale...
Not to thread jack, but I have an extra sub enclosure
03_tib: you got a PM.
still for sale guys....
pm me on shipping to 60608 for the amp...please thanks.
lots o' nibbles, no bites yet. TTT.
amp and sunroof motor still for sale. bump.
to the top we go... I think i took the wrong amp... noone wants the 05-06 ones :(
amp sold. any interest on the sunroof motor? make me an offer guys!
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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