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Tiburon-Main bearing & connecting rod bolts

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Hello Tiburon Wenchers
Quick question were rebuilding (for the 2nd time ...long story) the top & bottom end of my 2006 Hyundai Tiburon GS 2.0L
Q. Can I reuse the main bearing cap bolts and connecting rod bolts?

Ive read different comments online that they must be replaces after being torqued once???
I understand with the head bolts that they are torque-to-yield and are only used once
Ive ordered new head bolts

My question is after 2x's removing and torquing the main bearing caps and connecting rods bolts can I reuse them
a 3rd time?

Thank you for your wisdom :)


PS: If its recommended to not reuse them where can I order them as a set (link) other than the dealership?
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In my personal experience, I have reused the main bearing and connecting rod bolts several times, including the head bolts. I know that it is not a good practice, but in my country it is difficult to get new bolts, so the same ones are always used and every day. Today I have not had problems even in engines with 10 psi of boost
Ok thank you for your input orlando2513
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