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Ive had my 06 TIburon for about 7 years, recently the A/C stopped working as did the horn. Next came along was once I hit 20 mph my car would violently jerk or feel as though the engine was trying to jump out of the car. Anyhow i take it to the mechanic to fix it all, $1830 later. The a/c and horn are fixed and he fixed my engine mount, which i guess had to be remounted from my car jumping so much. He thinks the fix to the jerking was a TCM flash update.So i run to the a hyundai dealership for it and get it done but my car is still jerking, he recommended a transmission specialist. My only problem here is is it worth to blow another 1k or so to maybe get it fixed this time? Im really just looking for answers to this jerking problem that is giving me so much trouble. I just dont really feel like blowing more money to fix a car that doesnt even have that kind of value.

2006 Tiburon GK
124,312 Miles
2.7 L 6 Cylinder 4 Speed
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