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:3_winkthu for now just 2
custom wide body...with a little M&S
tinted windows
tinted tails
MUSSA Catback duel exhaust
Tuscani badges (one is peeling away cause the tib is DaT! fast)
shorty ant.
custom black wheelz
(with dually axle...think I'm a 1st there)
hood prop mount (for more air)
dryer hose
Ipod (kind of getto no pics)

and here are the 2....I will post the rest in a bit.

dont hate...

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umm how would that "ram-air" mod be effective...The amount of turns and rigid surfaces in the dryer hose would nullify any gains your hoping for....not to mention the sound. Just hope it doesnt get sucked into your TB.:3_usehead

Im just glad you made your rear wheels wide so you will have double the traction than only 2 rear wheels. (thats atleast a second off your 60ft)
1 - 20 of 45 Posts
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